A bagful of clothes for SGD 50 from my little sister

photo (34)

I’m lucky to have a sister who is a spendthrift and a fashionista! My sister has a five door wardrobe filled to the brim and many clothes that she is tired of wearing. But unfortunately, this dear little sister of mine is also an entrepreneur! She cut a deal with me and after some negotiation, I got a bag of her best unwanted clothes from her one full trashbag worth of clothes for SGD 50. Haha. It was a good deal but she should have just give it to me for free! In her defense, she is a recent graduate who still unemployed.

Here are some of the clothes that was in the deal! Love the green romper, the beach cover and a couple of dresses. On top of this, she also threw in some t-shirts and tops. Haha.


About somethingboutrenes

A lady with many random thoughts and braving this whimsical world with a simple faith. In love with all things vintage and pieces with a story to tell. Loves blogging, enjoys Yoga and has an urgent need to travel to maintain sanity.

2 responses to “A bagful of clothes for SGD 50 from my little sister”

  1. yirene says :

    yes madam. me no work, no money. cheap cheap, madam, cheap cheap.

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