Dining at Marche 313 Somerset

photo (29)

After working hard at Yoga on Sunday, we’ve decided to treat myself to a good meal and go pig out at Marche. It has been a long time since I ate at Marche!

I believe in working out just so I can eat freely without feeling guilty! So yeap, I’ve earn these yummy treats! Especially the rosti! Oh gosh! Yums.

photo (28)

The rosti is still as good but I realized my tolerance for oily food is going down hill. At times I actually felt sick eating fast food or oily food. That sucks! But the rosti is good just a little oily after a while. As for the soup, it was mediocre and the roast chicken was tiny, dry and a little too charred.

The plate of salad and mixed vegetable is quite a diaster. We paid approximately SGD 12 for a large plate and we are allowed to pile us much as we like. So in the end, we mixed salad and cooked vegetables all in one plate. Was it palatable? No. We don’t really know what we are eating at times. This free to pile system also allowed us to witness some ugly Singaporeans! We saw a lady who bought a small plate, a really tiny one but she is armed with a strategy. She laid her small plate on many serviettes and surrounded her plate with tiny saucers for sauces and dressings. She then started piling it really high, allowing the food to tumble down on to serviettes and piling more onto the tiny saucers. It was quite a sight!


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