SbR Nominated for Liebster Award (Part I)

I’ve been nominated by Natalie for the Liebster Award! Thank you babe, that’s so sweet! That’s my first blog award nomination! Haha. Ok, I’ve no idea what this award is all about and instead, turn to Google for some answers. Here are some information about Liebster Award from other bloggers!


“ The Liebster Award is given to up and coming bloggers who have less than 200 followers. So, what is a Liebster? The meaning: Liebster is German and means sweetest, kindest, nicest, dearest, beloved, lovely, kind, pleasant, valued, cute, endearing, and welcome. Isn’t that sweet? Blogging is about building a community and it’s a great way to connect with other bloggers and help spread the word about newer bloggers/blogs.” from Welovedhere

Ok. So maybe it is not a prestigious award or a real award, but this idea is superb! I’m not complaining if my blog is shared by others and I can share other interesting blogs that I read.

Here are some rules I gathered for receiving this award:

  • Post 11 random things about myself
  • Answer the questions that the tagger set for me
  • Create 11 questions for the bloggers that I’ve tagged
  • Pick 11 people and link them to my post
  • Go to their blog and inform them
  • No tag backs

The rules are a whole lot and I’m bad in coming up with questions and random things about myself! Here is part one! 11 random things about myself and the answers for Natalie’s questions. Will try to post part two (hopefully I will get to it when I’m back from Sydney), on the 11 questions and the bloggers that I will tag.

11 Random Things about myself

  1. I’m staying with my granny and her maid now. I love the freedom, the privacy and the services (from my maid). Haha.
  2. I am aggressive at work, a perfectionist and a task oriented person. But in a relationship, I can be a closet little woman.
  3. I love dancing even though I have two left feet. I love shaking my booty!
  4. I am a tea person. Whenever I drink coffee, my heart will beat real fast for hours.
  5. I love traveling and exploration. Even to rural places, I love seeing places that I’ve never seen and experiencing their cultures.
  6. I’m a glutton. Don’t even try to steal my food. I will bite. Like seriously. Haha.
  7. I am a person of many interests. I love trying new things. Tried acrylic painting, silver making, dancing, tennis, guitar and eventually yoga. In the end, am now in love with Yoga.
  8. I hate working out but I love the effects thereafter. Mentally and physically.
  9. I love CSI, Law & Order, Criminal Minds and Grimm. Intense. Heh.
  10. I’m adaptable. Throw me anywhere I will probably struggle a little and strive thereafter.
  11. I love chocolates, cakes, tarts, ice cream but hate candies.

11 Questions from Natalie

  1. Do you think you’re living the life you want? I am not living the life I want. The life I want would have been perfect but that isn’t life. So no regrets here. I am enjoying every bit of my life right now.
  2. If you could change anything in your life what would it be? To have greater self esteem and be courageous to live life.
  3. Would you want to live life over again? If so, what would you change from your past? Yes. I would not do the bowl and flip pose during my Chinese dance in primary school. It’s a pose where you lay on your belly, grab your ankle, rock your body and flip to have your chest on the ground and ankle at the side of your face. Ok, after explaining this pose, the reason why I want to avoid doing this pose? This pose flatten my boobs and damaged my glands. Haha.
  4. What would you want written on your gravestone? A charming lady, a loving wife, a filial daughter, a whacky sister and a patient mother. (In no particular order)
  5. Hugest idol everrrr? I don’t have an idol now but I used to be a huge fan of Fann Wong (a Singapore Artist). I just heard an uproar haha. Yes I know it’s not exactly cool. I used to have two exercise books with all the cut out of her pictures and articles. Haha.
  6. Brains or beauty? You can’t choose both. And if you choose brains, remember that you might look like utterly deformed. You may not even be able to walk. And if you choose beauty, you’d have an IQ of like 90. Between deformed or IQ 90? I think I prefer to be a beauty with an IQ 90, to be ignorant, contented and blissfully happy and unaware of this cruel world.
  7. On that note, which do you think is more important, IQ or EQ? Once again you can’t say “oh they’re both equally important” Make a stand! Definitely EQ. I’ve seen people with greater IQ who made a fool of themselves. EQ is something that I’ve been trying to master too.
  8. What is your meaning of life? To be happy and be at peace with oneself in all decisions I make.
  9. How would you like to go? Death in sleep is not an option. I don’t want to died in an accident because I can’t say goodbye. But dying of cancer sounds painful. URGH! This is tough. I have no answer to this and I don’t even want to think about it. Perhaps I will make a will, write my goodbye letter and say my goodbye via a video? Then I can have a random and short death without having to suffer but still get to say goodbye. Haha.
  10. Tell me a joke. Like a really really good one. I won’t even try. I’m so bad at this.
  11. Erm I’m out of questions so.. Tell me a joke? A really really bad one? I can’t even tell a bad joke. Sorry to disappoint!

About somethingboutrenes

A lady with many random thoughts and braving this whimsical world with a simple faith. In love with all things vintage and pieces with a story to tell. Loves blogging, enjoys Yoga and has an urgent need to travel to maintain sanity.

2 responses to “SbR Nominated for Liebster Award (Part I)”

  1. caroline says :

    Ha! Those are great answers. Congratulations!

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