Scooting off to Sydney and back

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If you have yet to take the plunge to try Scoot – our local premium budget airline (I know, it’s an oxymoron, haha), here’s my take on my experience with Scoot to Sydney!

Here’s a little background. Our company flew us via Scoot from Singapore to Sydney and ordered set meals for us and it was a flight of approximately 7 hours plus.


photo (80)

No entertainment but you can rent an iPad with movies for SGD 20.

photo (81)

There’s only two buttons.

photo (82)

No foldable headrest.

photo (83)

No feet rest.

Now that I have experienced Scoot, I will appreciate the little things more in a full service carrier flight! Haha.

There are no feet rest, no inflight entertainment and the headrest does not come with the foldable side to keep the head in place. It was an uncomfortable 7 hours plus ride. The basin in the toilet is needs to press a button above the tap to release the water. Many passengers don’t know about the function of this button and left it all filled with water and soap. It will be helpful if there were some labels. But I do appreciate that they provide a tap for drinking water! Yay.


photo (77)

photo (78)

photo (79)

The food is overpriced and the set meal is not worth mentioning. I had the Moroccan Chicken and it wasn’t warm and a little too salty. There are some chucks of chicken, tomato, peas and beans and comes with a bread roll.

photo (84)

For the return flight, I tried their Soya Sauce chicken with rice. It is much tastier than Moroccan Chicken but for SGD 10, it is extremely expensive.


One word – Basic. Their staffs are inflexible and lack personalization. For my Moroccan Chicken set, it was served in the early morning and the set comes with a choice of Coke / Coke Zero. I don’t know any sane person who will drink Coke in the morning! When I asked to change to juice / coffee / tea, I was denied of it despite it being of the same value. I can understand if they have already arrange for Coke because we preordered it. But they could have tried and put in a little more effort. For instance, they can serve the entire flight first and decide later if they have other excess beverages that I can change for. But no, none was offered and they are certainly not service oriented.

There are not attentive to details. Some of my colleagues picked Coke Zero during the pre order but was served Coke instead. What’s the point of having our preference taken when they don’t follow? The set also comes with a small can of Pringles and there were two options. Original or Sour Cream. But the staffs didn’t bother asking for our preferences and gave out the chips randomly. The staffs speak basic English and some can’t even form a grammatically correct sentence or pronounce words accurately.

The worse came when there was a turbulence and when there was a slight sudden drop, one air stewardess screamed while squatting on the ground. It was very unprofessional. Shouldn’t they remain calm? Haha.

The saving grace came from the ground staff at Sydney! My luggage was 5 kg above the limit and because we were checking in as a group, it was waived.

photo (86)

Overall, it is definitely more comfortable than Tiger Air or Jetstar as the seats are wider and more comfortable. Perhaps I was a little too critical, but will I take the same flight to Sydney again? Probably not. It was a painful ride and too long a flight. But I will surely take Scoot for slightly shorter rides say, 5 hours or so. Haha. I’m the pampered princess.

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photo (85)

photo (88)

I was so bored and managed to finish a book within one flight! Isn’t the owl adorable? Will share more about it in the other posts!

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