Birthday at Singapore Zoo

I’ve never celebrated my birthday in the Singapore Zoo and I’m thrilled to visit the Zoo on my birthday! Upon searching online to see if there are any ongoing discounts, I found out that the Zoo gives out free admission to birthday girl and boy, in my case, birthday lady! Weee!

The best part of this treat? It is free admission to all four parks (Bird Park, Singapore Zoo, River Safari and Night Safari) for all Singaporeans and permanent residents on their actual birthday! I didn’t have the energy to tour all parks in the same day, so I picked Singapore Zoo and River Safari and save myself S$39!


To top it off, I was given a birthday badge and 10% discount at all F&B! I was also given free ice cream but the queue in the restaurant was too long, so I skipped it.


It was all fun but the queue at the ticket booth was horrible, it was after all a public holiday and the zoo was thronging with tourists and families! They should have allowed me to get my free admission at the priority queue to make me feel extra special! Haha. After all, it is my day!

I will share some of my favourite sights of Singapore Zoo in this post and the River Safari in another post.

I love our Zoo and am very proud of it. It is definitely the best zoo I’ve ever visited and it is indeed a world class zoo! The animals look happy, the habitat looks close to their natural habitat and there were many areas for animal interaction.

Elephant of Asia


The elephants are so smart and cute! Raising National Flag in commemorating National Day!


photo (85)

Free Range Orang Utans

photo (86)

photo (87)

photo (89)

Frozen Tundra

photo (88)

photo (84)

Fragile Forest

photo (79)

Getting up close and personal with some animals!

photo (82)

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  1. caroline says :

    Here’s to a really wonderful year!!!

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