John Gray’s Sea Canoeing “Hong by Starlight”, Phuket – Part II

After our expedition shared in the previous post, we were cold and hungry. Even though we didn’t canoe on our own for most of the time, the excitement and sights did tire us down. We were not allowed to canoe on our own as navigating the caves requires experience and expertise to avoid damaging the canoe and hurting ourselves.

As the evening draws near, we were treated with a feast of barbecued chicken, thai style fish, delicious Tom yum soup and other lovingly prepared food in the tiny kitchen in our yacht.

photo (46)

photo (48)

photo (47)

After dinner, we had a make-your-own Krathong session conducted by our instructor.

photo (35)


photo (36)

photo (45)

photo (37)

Tadah! Our creation!

photo (38)

Other styles of Krathong in the making.

photo (39)

Definitely a family bonding activity.

photo (44)

Can’t wait to get back into the water to launch it!

Another picture of my toe for Toemail submission! Canoeing in sea caves at night! Woooo. If you are afraid of the dark and are suffering from mild Claustrophobia, close your eyes and breathe through the ride of a few metres in total darkness.

photo (50)

photo (51)

photo (52)

Some of the team launched their Krathong ahead of us!

photo (57)

Eager to launch my Krathong too!

photo (58)

photo (54)

Pure serenity and magic.

To the Thais, launching the Krathong during Loi Krathong festival allowed them to make wishes, send the negative thoughts away and thank the Goddess of River. This is especially relevant for the Thai communities who lived by rivers or water bodies. We appreciate the tour operators’ thoughtfulness in exposing us to their culture. It is a unique one which no other tour operator provides. Most of the sea canoeing activities ends in mid afternoon by other tour operators but John Gray Sea Canoe organised their activities to begin in the afternoon for the exact same reason. To get away from the crowd and connect with the nature.

photo (56)

As the crew drew up the anchor from the last resting spot, it concludes the night as we enjoy the sea breeze back to mainland.



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5 responses to “John Gray’s Sea Canoeing “Hong by Starlight”, Phuket – Part II”

  1. joieil says :

    wow, the night canoeing activity looks really fun! may i know how much it costs approx? I/m going to Phuket in Nov and after reading your posts, am so tempted to go for the night canoeing.

    • somethingboutrenes says :

      You should! It is really fun! Haha.

      Original price is THB 3950 if I’m not wrong, we managed to negotiate down to below THB 3000 together with other packages booked with the agency. We also booked ATV with them and island hopping tour. In total we paid THB 7000-7500 for all 3 tours. So average out to be SGD 100 for each tour. But this is the best of all.

  2. jolin says :

    Hi, I know you wrote this two years ago but I want to ask if you could see the fireflies then at night? Thank you so much if you are able to reply!

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