Phi Phi Island Hopping Tour, Phuket

photo (25)

On the fourth day of our Phuket trip, we head out for island hopping! We were blessed with a glorious sunny day which gave me uneven tan and sunburn. Haha. All my hopes for a healthy glow ended up with peeling black patches on my shoulder. Boo.

Initially we wanted to visit Similan Island for some real snorkeling but it is close during the monsoon period, so we had little options and decided to visit Phi Phi Island instead. Bad choice, really bad decision here. Thankfully it was a beautiful day and we got some pretty pictures with a clear blue sky!

So back to the island hopping tour, we sat on a bumpy speed boat which died every 20 minutes and landed first at Maya Bay.

photo (19)

photo (14)

Beautiful isn’t it!

photo (13)

Clear clear water!

photo (18)

I hate my tummy.

photo (24)

photo (15)

The only “quiet” patch of beach on Maya Bay.

From afar, the place looks gorgeous but as we move nearer, we were greeted with hundreds of tourist on the beach and a whole sea of yachts. It was a frightening sight. We were flooded with hundreds tourists!

photo (17)

Tell me this won’t ruin your beach holiday?

photo (16)

Maya Bay where the movie “The Beach” was filmed, but where is the freaking beach!

After Maya Bay, we move on to Viking Cave (Bird’s Nest Cave), Monkey Bay (horrible place where they throw fruits to them, making them aggressive and dependent on human feeding), snorkeling in the open sea (where they throw breads to attract one type of fish to swim around us) before we stop by Phi Phi Island for lunch break. Lunch was average. You can’t expect much from it.

photo (12)

Viking Cave. If only we can go in to see the cave wall painting left behind by the vikings. Boo.

photo (23)

Monkey Bay. Painful to watch them feed the monkeys.

photo (11)

Fake snorkeling.

photo (10)


photo (9)

Touring around Phi Phi Island and rewarding myself with a Magnum ice cream (really cheap in Thailand, smaller is size but half the price!) after suffering in the trip.

photo (4)

Me giving up at Phi Phi Island.

photo (8)

Phi Phi Island.

After lunch we headed to Khai Nai Island for some tanning and relaxing at the beach. The beach is beautiful, less crowded because it is much bigger, but not suited for swimming. The beach is filled with rocks and corals and there is no fresh clean water in this island. So you can imagine the condition of the washroom there. After walking around, we decided to rent a couple of beach chairs and an umbrella for THB 150.

photo (5)

photo (7)

Love the colourful beach umbrella though!

photo (6)
photo (22)

My thunder thigh and my bulging tummy are scary and I hate my uneven tan lines. I shall stop snacking and do more yoga. Yikes.

photo (21)

Some tropical fruits for us as we relax in Khai Nai Island.


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10 responses to “Phi Phi Island Hopping Tour, Phuket”

  1. YuHui says :

    Same situation when I went there 3 years ago! Looks like they are a staple to phi-phi island haha

  2. YuHui says :

    And they also tend to photobomb most of the photos… hahaha

  3. toemailer says :

    Hi, We would love to post maybe a couple of pictures from this post too if you do not mind? :)

  4. JACK says :

    hi pretty ladies I am Jack here ok I am single ok can I date u out to dating at the sentosa siloso beach swimming and play beach volleyball and lay down to suntanning ok please contact me at 97764582

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