ATV adventure at Phang Nga, Thailand


We travelled all the way to Phang Nga from Phuket for an exciting ATV session! It is about 2 hours drive up to Phang Nga and it is in between Krabi and Phuket. You can either enjoy ATV session in Phuket itself, where they travel mainly on roads and bring you around to see the Big Buddha. But we opted to go Phang Nga for a more adventurous session!

Phang Nga is where most tourist go for Elephant riding, white water rafting and ATV; but for us, we picked a 2 hours ATV session!

photo (92)

The river for rafting!

photo (90)

Ele Ele Elephants!



Before we started, the operator got us to sign an agreement that if we break any parts of the vehicle, we have to pay!

The first hour was mainly getting use to the vehicle, travelling on smoother gravel paths, muds and occasional slopes.

photo (93)


We travelled here for for a few spin and photos!

photo (100)

The operator took this for us and wanted to charge us THB200 (SGD 8)! Nope, I didn’t buy it.

photo (98)

The second hour was the real adventure. Rocky terrains, crossing rivers, riding up and down slopes at almost 45 degree angle, got stuck in mud up on a slope and riding over potholes. I almost died. I was a nerve wreak trying to manoeuvre the machine and it was a crazy ride!

This is where we got stuck at this rocky stream before heading up slope!

photo (97)

One of the smaller slopes!

photo (91)

photo (96)

The only souvenir we brought home! Mud and wonderful memories!


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