Singapore Night Festival 2013

photo (74)

Last night, I was at Singapore Night Festival 2013 and it was great to soak in the atmosphere of the spirit and enjoy the artwork on display. The only grumble I have? It is way too crowded and it was a humid warm night. Oops, that’s two.

photo (73)

National Museum of Singapore

photo (72)

photo (71)

photo (70)

An outdoor short feature of Light Seeker, a musical by Resort World Sentosa. It was an interesting experience to watch a musical at an outdoor stage.

photo (69)

photo (62)

Singapore Art Museum. Love the lights and colour, reminds me of pretty colourful tiles.

photo (65)

The only souvenir I took home? An Owl fan! Haha.

The highlight of the event is definitely Public Garden Flea at Chijmes. Saw many pretty stuffs in there!

photo (68)

Love these watercolour illustration from Catherine May Tang! I need more wall space for these pretties!

photo (63)

photo (67)

These customisation illustrations from E’von LeAngelis blew me away! They offer customise cards and prints with your story! It will make perfect gift and wedding invites!

photo (66)

Love these handpainted leather clutch too! Didn’t managed to grab their card! The colours are really pretty but I thought it is too small a clutch! I need bigger ones to put my long wallet, keys, phone and makeup! Haha.

photo (64)

Saught. My favourite local jeweller. Love their cause and have been eyeing their Pursuing Peace Bangle for the longest time but couldn’t bear to part with my money. Took up the courage to buy last evening but they ran out of stock! Alas! I had no fate with it. But I am loving their Knots collection, love the Knots ring and necklace! The nice lady at the booth showed me their upcoming collection, a ring that reminds me of the Romans empire. Haha. And I am loving that too! Hopefully they will have a sale soon and I will take the plunge to grab one of their lovelies! Haha.

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