Dinner at Black Sheep Cafe

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Had a celebratory dinner at The Black Sheep Cafe in celebration for a good year at work a few weeks back and it was a great evening! There were some hits and misses and we spent about SGD 120 for two. It is a little pricey given the small serving but overall we had a great meal and great fun.

#B1-30, Thomson V Two
11 Sin Ming Road
575629 Singapore

Tel: 6459 5373 (They accept reservation!)

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The Black Sheep Cafe was previously located at Mayo Street (near to Little India) and was closed for a while before making a comeback a few months back! When we were there, there were many loyal customers and fans, and the chef came out to chat with their regulars after serving their meals.

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Here are some of my reviews on the food served that evening. Other than their food, I love their service! As we were pretty early on a Friday evening and we were their first customer for the evening, the Chef made an exception to serve us their popular Flourless Chocolate Fondant served with Vanilla Ice Cream which was not in their menu! They have a very limited selection in their food menu but there were some great ones in there!

photo (76)

We love their starters, especially the baked brie!

photo (81)

Complimentary warm bread with butter! Yummy! Really good! We almost ask for a second serving!

photo (86)

Baked Brie with Pistachio Crust, Citrus Fruit Salsa (SGD 16). This is really good. I love brie and baking them with pistachio crust is pure perfection! Definitely a hit!

photo (78)
Lobster Bisque laced with Cognac (SGD 16). This is good too, soupy and not too thick, too bad that it is so tiny!

photo (84)

Lamb Rack (SGD 36). This is really really good and very tender but it was so tiny that we polish it off quickly!

photo (80)

Duck Confit on Apple Rosti and Mango Relish. The rosti was fantastic, the mango relish has a little Indian style to it but the duck confit was a little disappointing. It wasn’t as crispy as I would have expected and the meat is too tough and dry. Had better ones before.

photo (87)

Flourless Chocolate Fondant serve with Vanilla Ice Cream (can’t remember the price as it was off the menu). It is good with chocolate oozing out, vanilla ice cream was yummy too with vanilla beans spotted in there.

photo (83)

Kahlau Souffle with Double Chocolate Ice cream (SGD 14). I’ve never tried souffle before and thought this was interesting but I realized I’m not a fan of gooey fluffy desserts. But the Kahlau was nice. Haha.


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  1. caroline says :

    That place looks fantastic!

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