Extraordinary Food and Service at Wooloomooloo Steakhouse

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Wooloomooloo Steakhouse
2 Stamford Road
Level 3 Swissotel The Stamford
Singapore 178882
Telephone: +65 6338 0261

I owe my sister 3 dinner treats but with both our packed busy schedule, we decided to go on one combined lavish treat! It was a sinful dinner to celebrate my sister’s Last Examination Paper (probably of her life), Graduation and New Job! Yes, this dinner came a little too late but better late than never!

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We decided on having a good piece of steak and I gave her a budget of SGD 120 per pax for the evening. Both of us love steaks and are girls who love a hearty meal instead of a tiny one. Don’t hate us for our slim figure despite being a glutton, we have bulging tummy like every other girls too!

We made a reservation at Wooloomooloo which is famous for their good steaks at reasonable prices and love our dining experience. This is the best service I’ve ever experienced till date! More on the food first and then the service!

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These complimentary fluffy soft warm bread is so good.

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All their steaks come with four pots of different sauces Au Jus, Peppercorn, Mushroom and Red Wine Madeira. Their peppercorn is the best but I love the steak in its original flavour. There are also four different types of mustard to pick! We ordered two sides to go with the steak as their steak does not come with any sides. Sautéed Kipfler Potatoes (SGD 14) and Sautéed Wild Mushrooms in garlic butter (SGD 14) were good too!

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Wooloomooloo Steak, Australian Black Angus Beef Ribeye Steak marinated with Cajun Spice 12-ounce at SGD 66. It was a little salty but the staff promptly change it to another steak without us requesting for a change.

photo (91)
Australian Black Angus Beef Selection, 150-day grain fed, 4 weeks wet aged, Beef City Farms, Toowoomba, Queensland, Rib Eye, 12-ounce at SGD 64

photo (93)

USDA Prime Beef Selection, 150-day grain fed, 2-3 weeks wet aged, Stock Yards & Greater Omaha Packing Co., Nebraska, USA, Rib Eye, 12-ounce at SGD 76. This was the best. Yums.

photo (89)

No meal is complete without dessert. Wooloomooloo Lemon & Lime Pie,Topped with Italian meringue & served with orange chips & vanilla tuile (SGD 18) The lemon lime custard is yummy and so is the meringue, but the pie crust can be a little more crunchy for a better texture.

The waiter – Juzzy – was extremely friendly and gave us great recommendations! He recommended us to try their USDA Prime Beef and Australian Black Angus Beef but my adventurous sister ordered the Wooloomooloo Steak (also Australian Black Angus Beef but marinated with Cajun Spice) instead of heeding his advice resulted in a blessing in disguise of a disastrous steak but exceptional service.

The Wooloomooloo Steak turned out to be way too salty that evening (it was apparently marinated for 48 hours) and when their manager – Jas – came to check if we are satisfied with the food, we commented that it is a little salty but otherwise fantastic. Jas then walked away and got Juzzy to check on us again. Juzzy then promptly removed the piece of salty steak and change it to their regular Australian Black Angus Beef on their own initiative. We were wowed by their prompt action and fantastic service recovery.

The dinner was back on track and with great company, fantastic food and extraordinary service we couldn’t ask for more.

Then came the bill. When asking for the bill, I asked if I can have a feedback card to compliment their incredible service but unbeknownst to us was that the best part of their service recovery has yet come. They further wowed us when the bill came and it is much lesser than we expected!

I was expecting it to be at least SGD 240 but it came up to approximately SGD 120!

photo (88)

Wow! I quickly glanced through and asked if they made a mistake and that one of the steak was not in the bill. But they reassured us that it was correct and the steak was on the house! Wow! I did an imaginary fist punch and double flips inside me because of their great service! I love great service but I adore mind blowing service recovery like this! We left a SGD 20 tips (which is uncommon in Singapore as there is already a mandatory 10% service charge) and a long compliment note.

photo (90)

But after we left the restaurant, I realized the dessert was also on the house! WOW! It made my SGD 20 looked miserable. Haha. But Thank you Jas, Juzzy and Wooloomooloo Steakhouse for the wonderful evening! The service level was legendary!

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