Hidden Finds Market by Public Garden Flea at Triple One Somerset

photo (50)

In partnering with the F1 event, the Public Garden Flea held a Hidden Finds Market at Triple One Somerset in one of their empty office building on Level 16. I love Public Garden Flea and there are always something to buy/see and something new every single time I went.

Here are the past two times I went, once in March at National Museum and lately at Chjimes during Singapore Night Festival!

This time round there were two exciting vendors who were hawking their loots at the flea!

photo (44)

photo (43)

photo (42)

MT Tape (it’s actually masking tape)! MT Tape has also decorated the flea area with their huge colourful Washi tapes and many ladies (old and young alike) were squealing at how pretty the tapes are. I unconsciously also picked up some rolls and it all added up to twenties for a small pretty tapes. Bad Serene, bad bad Serene.

photo (41)

photo (40)

photo (52)

These are my loots! 3 rolls of solid colour MT tapes for SGD 10, pretty floral and checkered tapes at SGD 3.90 each and my favourite map tape at SGD 7.90!

photo (49)

Up next, I spotted Tinkr, a 3D printing stall! A few weeks back, 3D printing was much talked about in the press and it is so cool to see it live! It is still a relatively new technology for consumers and hence it doesn’t come cheap! But you can print a 3D model of yourself at the stall! I overheard that it will take almost half a day just to print a 3D model of oneself!

photo (48)

photo (46)

photo (47)

The lady at the booth gifted this to me and I am so thrilled to take home a piece of freshly printed 3D shark!

photo (51)

When up close, you can actually see how it is painstakingly printed line by line!

photo (38)

Also spotted my friend at this booth by Chubby Chubby and was thinking hard if I should get it. Did you spot him? Yes the owl! It is adorable isn’t it!

photo (54)

A lovely Owl plus for SGD 28.90. I am not sure when will I stop my obsessive collection. Too cute.

photo (53)

Also bought an Ang Ku Kueh postcard (SGD 1.80)for someone who loves Peanut Ang Ku Kueh. Haha.

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