Review of Uriage Skincare Products

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Back in August I bought a range of skincare products from the brand Uriage out of impulse and I am still loving every bit of it! I have a oily to combination skin and these products work great for me.

Here is a mini review of the products that I’ve added into my daily routine.

Uriage Tolederm Soothing Cleansing Water is perfect for those lazy afternoon or nights where you don’t want to over clean your face which may strip off the natural facial oil! I use it in between my usual morning and before bed time cleaning! This is also great as an additional step after makeup removing and before facial wash to ensure that your face is clean but yet moisturize. It is extremely light, non-oily (it’s basically like water!) except that it cleanses your face!

Uriage Aqua Precis moisturizing refreshing cream gel and eye contour care are now my basic skincare routine. Even on lazy days when I just want to sleep, I will still use this moisturizer and skip everything else. It is also extremely lightweight, it’s also like you didn’t apply anything on your skin! I can feel my skin drinking up all the moisture after application!

Uriage Hyseac Pore Refiner is great too! It is also light and non oily and I can really skin my huge pores minimising a little after a month of using them!

Have you tried their products and what do you think?


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7 responses to “Review of Uriage Skincare Products”

  1. Wyng says :

    Hi. Just happened to pass by here and saw ur review on URIAGE. I m using similar products as u do, except the eye contour care crea. I like these few products as the promotor auntie told me I have oily & sensitive skin (my cheeks tend to turn pink after walking outside for few hrs, due to heat or sun). I recently bought their Anti-irritation Cleansing Gel and this is a darling. No tight-ness on ur face after washing and my skin feel refreshed! Highly recommended :)

  2. bready says :

    May I know if this pproduct works for oily skin? also what is the price range? I have been suffering from really bad blemishes and acne, hoping to try and see if this product works!

    • somethingboutrenes says :

      Yes it is good for oily skin because it is water base. It is more for moisturizing though.

    • Lee says :

      Hi. I’ve used Uriage Depiderm for acne scaring and it’s almost completely cleared the dark marks left behind on my skin! It’s also not very oily so it should be okay to use on oily skin. For me, Depiderm goes for about ZAR375 but it lasts me for at least two months. The green Hyseac range is also supposedly good for specifically treating acne. It’s water based and leaves your skin moisturised but matt after application.This range is slightly cheaper than the Depiderm, around ZAR160 – ZAR180. It’s worth giving a try, I’m very happy and won’t be changing any time soon. Hope this helps

  3. Sonia says :

    I too purchased this face cream, it wasn’t bad but I went back to my Clarins gel, only ‘cos I felt it had more restoring agents in the long run. Together with the Uriage face cream, I purchased the Mist Spray Tan, which was really good, the Isolift eye cream, also very good and I had a sample sachet for what I think was a 50+ SPF with some dark spot corrector all in one¿! well, this was very good too, not greasy at all!! I am surprised there aren’t many more reviews on these products… :-/

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