Glow Pratunum, Bangkok

I am back from Bangkok and I can’t wait to share all the photos that I’ve taken! It was a really great trip! Great fun, great shopping, superb weather and I couldn’t ask for more! We even got bumped up to Emergency Exit seats and First Row seats to and back from Bangkok on Tiger Air! How blessed and fortunate! First post, on our hotel!


Glow Pratunum came recommended by Yvonne who went there earlier last month and it was really nice!


Very comfortable, love the fluffy soft bed and pillow, very clean, and it is very new too!


There isn’t a tub but I don’t mind at all! Bangkok tap water is not exactly clean for soaking. Haha.


Their toilet is connected to the room via a wardrobe which is accessible by the toilet or the room!


The room also comes with a couch! Perfect for breakfast and snacking.


Spacious and corners to dump your luggage!


Best part? Just a short walk to Platinum Mall and walking distance to Central World!


Our glowy hotel! It actually looks like a Love Hotel from the outside, with those lights and all pinky like a club. Haha.

Here are the Yays and Nays of this hotel!


  • Really affordable. I booked it at a promotional fare of SGD 285.79 for 4D3N stay without breakfast via! and also top up an additional SGD 60 – 70 for a half day extension till 5pm.
  • Great location for shopaholics! Just a short walk away to Platinum Mall and there are many facilities around the hotel. E.g Starbucks and 24 Hours Mac Donald right below the hotel!
  • Walking distance to the nearest BTS station.It took us approximately 15 minutes to walk over to the BTS station. Otherwise, there are plenty of Taxi and Tuk Tuk outside the hotel.
  • Clean and comfortable.
  • Cable TV (e.g Channel News Asia, Sony Entertainment, Universal, Syfy, MTV etc) are available
  • Free Wifi in the room! Extremely important!
  • Swimming pool, gym and steam room available. But we didn’t get to use them! Too busy shopping.
  • Provide 4 bottles of complimentary water!


  • BTS station is not at the door step. Haha.
  • Basic amenities like safe, fridge, kettle are available, but I wished they provide better shampoos / shower foam (we used our own instead), disposable shaver and a box of tissue in the room instead of just in the toilet! Haha. Ok, as you can see, I am really nitpicking because there is really nothing to complain about!

So will I recommend this hotel to my friends? Absolutely yes! Will I stay there again? Very likely unless there is another hotel recommended by my friend to give it a try! Haha.


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A lady with many random thoughts and braving this whimsical world with a simple faith. In love with all things vintage and pieces with a story to tell. Loves blogging, enjoys Yoga and has an urgent need to travel to maintain sanity.

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