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Wedding Night by Sophie Kinsella

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Sophie Kinsella is my favourite chick lit author ever! Her shopaholic series is a killer and I have read every single book of hers! In all her books, there is always this ditzy, crazy, hyperventilating female character somewhat like Rebecca Bloomwood in the shopaholic series. I got her latest book – Wedding Night – through paying SGD1.55 reservation fee to our National Library and got it within 3 days after reserving for it! Weee! This beats paying twenties for a book I’m unlikely to read again and definitely beats waiting in line without reserving for the book!

So back to this book. Lottie (the crazy character) is insane. She misinterpreted her boyfriend’s recent behaviour as an upcoming proposal only to be dashed by the truth nothing close to a ring. After having her dreams dashed, she broke up with her boyfriend, met her teenage summer fling and got proposed by the very same summer fling who was having his own mid life crisis! The worst of all, she accepted the proposal! Her sister Fliss and her newly wed husband’s best man, Lorcan had a plan which does not involved tossing rose petals at a church wedding.

This novel is not for the faint hearted and I’m not sure what I would do if I am Fliss. Lock up my little sister or poison my future brother in law? But the plan which Fliss came up with was hilarious and unconventional. This is an entertaining read just for the fun of it.


Review of Uriage Skincare Products

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Back in August I bought a range of skincare products from the brand Uriage out of impulse and I am still loving every bit of it! I have a oily to combination skin and these products work great for me.

Here is a mini review of the products that I’ve added into my daily routine.

Uriage Tolederm Soothing Cleansing Water is perfect for those lazy afternoon or nights where you don’t want to over clean your face which may strip off the natural facial oil! I use it in between my usual morning and before bed time cleaning! This is also great as an additional step after makeup removing and before facial wash to ensure that your face is clean but yet moisturize. It is extremely light, non-oily (it’s basically like water!) except that it cleanses your face!

Uriage Aqua Precis moisturizing refreshing cream gel and eye contour care are now my basic skincare routine. Even on lazy days when I just want to sleep, I will still use this moisturizer and skip everything else. It is also extremely lightweight, it’s also like you didn’t apply anything on your skin! I can feel my skin drinking up all the moisture after application!

Uriage Hyseac Pore Refiner is great too! It is also light and non oily and I can really skin my huge pores minimising a little after a month of using them!

Have you tried their products and what do you think?

Dinner and Dance

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Captain and I.

This year, we were involved in our company’s Dinner and Dance committee and the theme was “Around the World”. Being part of the organising committee, we were all dressed up like Cabin Crews! Even though we were essentially working during the event, we had a lot of fun dressing up and looking pretty! Haha.

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WS dressed up as our competitors!

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