Mum’s Birthday Celebration at Peramakan

Has it been almost three weeks since I last blogged? Wow! Thank you Reader G for the sweet reminder to continue blogging!

The past three weeks have been busy, with work and yoga on weekdays, yoga and life on weekends! I guessed I was feeling really lazy after working and working out.


photo (99)

Anyway, back about this post! We celebrated my mum’s birthday this weekend at Peramakan at Keppel Bay! It was my sister and her boyfriend’s treat! I’m so glad my sister has finally started working and there’s someone to split the costs of these family dinners with me! Haha.

Peramakan is yummy and having Peranakan food is a refreshing change! My family tends to go to Chinese seafood restaurant all the time for all celebrations, so Peranakan food is good!

photo (96)

photo (95)

Love their Ngoh Hiang (Meat and Prawn roll) and all the curry stew of various meats. Their desserts though heavy on the palate and tummy are sinfully yummy too.

photo (94)

Other than having yummy dinner, my Dad got us to pick out a present for my mum at a jewelry store. My mum, being the practical and Gold loving Chinese middle age lady, loves gold!

photo (98)

photo (93)

photo (92)

In the end, my sister and I picked up a 999 gold chain and heart shaped pendent with the Chinese word “Health”. Love that it is pretty and meaningful and to our delight, my mum loves it! Look at her gleeful smile!

photo (97)

Happy Birthday Mum! May you stay pretty, youthful, healthy and happy!

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