Talad Rot Fai, Vintage Night Market, Bangkok

Here is one last post to share about my Bangkok trip before I disappear into a chaos of madness and appear after Chinese New year. Yes, sorry ladies and guys, don’t miss me!


As most of you may probably know, I love vintage and when I first heard of Talad Rot Fai, Bangkok’s Vintage Weekend Night Market I was thrilled! It existed for the longest time and was previously right behind Chatuchak where it was so convenient! But now, it is relocated to Srinakharin which is crazy out of the way.

I was so determined to get there so I booked a driver, showed him the Thai map and address, and got ourselves there! But gosh, I forgot to figure the way back! It was at the outskirt of Bangkok city and there were no taxi drivers willing to send us back to Bangkok city! In the end, we took a cab to the nearest BTS station and took the train back. A major panic moment there.

So if you are some serious antique / vintage lovers, you should go there, but if you just want a look see, oh no, perhaps not. During our trip there, there were only one other Caucasian couple, the rest of the crowd there are mainly locals.

There are five main areas to look at, (1) Pretty antique shops which is at the front stretch leading towards the main market, (2) Night market selling random stuffs for the locals, stuffs are of lower quality, (3) Main building of the market selling vintage stuffs plus random stuffs not relating to vintage items, (4) Vintage flea market, selling some really old and cool stuffs, they are right at the very end, deep inside! and (5) Bars near to the Vintage flea market! We wished the Vintage flea market was bigger though!

So here are some pictures!

Area 1: A stretch of Pretty Antique Shops






Area 2: Local Night Market


The only thing I bought from the night market, pretty personalized bracelet.

Area 3: Main Building



photo (99)

There are a few pretty coffee place like these here.

photo (97)

These lamps are so pretty!

photo (96)

photo (95)

photo (94)

Area 4: Vintage Flea Market

photo (98)

In between the flea market and the bars.

photo (92)

photo (91)

photo (90)

Almost wanted to grab a handful of these pretty knobs for my old wooden cupboard.

photo (89)

Isn’t this place cool! We should have this in Singapore too! Nice.

photo (88)

Area 5: Bars and Around

photo (87)

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A lady with many random thoughts and braving this whimsical world with a simple faith. In love with all things vintage and pieces with a story to tell. Loves blogging, enjoys Yoga and has an urgent need to travel to maintain sanity.

2 responses to “Talad Rot Fai, Vintage Night Market, Bangkok”

  1. njoyeverymoment says :

    woww …dats nice i missed this market on my last visit ,may be on the next trip :)

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