Titans of the Past, Science Centre Singapore, Dec 2013

My company had some discounted tickets to the “Titans of the Past” Exhibition at Science Centre Singapore and we thought it would be fun to go take a look. Everyone loves dinosaurs or are at least curious about them!



Titans of the Past is an exhibition of Dinosaurs and mammals form the Ice Age. It is broken up into three segments. The first segment featuring the work of Dr Jack Horner from The Museum of the Rockies in Montana, USA. This was the best part for us, with real fossils and the largest T-Rex Skull.





It also showcases animatronics from Kokoro Japan which scare off a few young children. Rawr!


The second segment wowed us with life-sized dinosaur skeletal casts!


The last segment features animatronic mammals from the the Ice Age.

Overall, it was an average exhibition and really more suited for young children. I think older children will find them boring. The exhibition has a few real fossils but mostly replicas which is a little disappointing. I didn’t like the idea of viewing exhibits in a dark room. Would love to go back to New York’s Natural History museum for the real deal viewed in natural light. The exhibit in Science centre is also rather small, it took less than an hour and a half to walk through them all. Would I pay the full price tickets to enter? Nah. But if I have young children and have never seen dinosaur fossils, maybe I will.

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