Lone Wolf & The Storyteller by Jodi Picoult

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With busy work schedules and long working hours of late, my only Me Time is during the journey to and fro work. Imagining traveling to and fro extreme ends of Singapore, that’s a whole lot of Me Time. But of course, I can’t spend my Me Time stretching,lazing and reading a book in a train. Instead, I squeezed with the crowd physically, but mentally am drawn into the wonders of each book I read. Weee.

The two recent books that I’ve read are by Jodi Picoult, yes I know, yet again. Haha. But I am running out of good Novelist and to me, a good read is when you can feel and experience the pain and joy of each character and get to learn something out of it! Jodi Picoult is an expert in that!

I previously wrote a review on her two books, Change of Heart and House rules, and enjoyed them thoroughly. Till date, House rules is the best of all as I had a chance to learn more about Asperger’s Syndrome. It was previously something which I’ve not heard before but through her book, I got to learn and appreciate it better. It also came in useful when I learnt about a colleague who has a son with this syndrome, and she was pleasantly surprised that I’ve heard of it and can appreciate the goodness of a person with this form of autism. So Yirene Tan (my little sister), don’t despise my limited range of reading list, you should learn to appreciate Jodi Picoult’s writing too.

Now, back to these two books which I’ve recently read.

The first book, Lone Wolf is good and through this book, I learnt something about wolves! Previously, my knowledge of wolves were nothing but superficial, to me, there were merely close relatives of dogs and this beautiful and mysterious creature which I knew nothing about.

But after reading Lone Wolf, I learnt about how the pack function, the significant of each action / behavior and importantly how each and every wolf has a role to play. I enjoyed learning about Alpha Wolf (the highest ranking wolf who is well respected and make all decision), Beta wolf (second in command, a discipliner and the gatekeeper to Alpha) and all. It is all very fascinating to me and the amount of research that went into writing this book is just amazing!


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On the main story line of this book, she also pick our brain and challenge our moral values and beliefs. The key topic, will you turn off life support of someone dear if you know there may be no chance of him/her waking up and leading an active life which he strongly believed in. I am not sure, but I thought the characters were a little too hasty in the decision. But I shall not reveal any more about the book, go read it!

The second book, The Storyteller, is a heavy one. I hate the ending, the twist is so cruel that I couldn’t believe it. In this book, she explored the concept of forgiveness through a story about the Holocaust in Auschwitz, will you be able to forgive the Nazi if you are a Jew. Especially if you have a grandmother who survived the Holocaust. Again, Jodi Picoult had thorough research in writing this book, it was back by historians and stories of survivors and it sheds a story of a side of the Holocaust that I never knew and can never imagine. In her book, she didn’t just share the story of the survivor, she also shared the story of the people who created the pain. There were so much pain in the past and in the book, but it also made me appreciate the peace that we are enjoying right now. There is no winner in a war.

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One response to “Lone Wolf & The Storyteller by Jodi Picoult”

  1. bookmammal says :

    I really enjoy Jodi Picoult–my favorite is The Pact, followed closely by Plain Truth. I agree with you about The Storyteller–it was a very intense story! I believe she has another book coming out later this year . . .

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