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Part 1: Turi Beach Resort, Batam Nongsa

I’m flying off to Langkawi early morning tomorrow and I’ve yet to pack my bags and do my nails! But here I am writing a blog post because I love you guys! Haha. Ok, the actual fact is, I need to share about my recent short getaway at Turi Beach, Batam Nongsa before I flood the blog with pictures from Langkawi!

photo (45)

Here’s part one of Turi Beach Gateaway! The trip there and the hotel!

I bought off Groupon at SGD 99 for one night stay at Turi Beach. In the package, one American breakfast, two ways ferry trip and transfer from Jetty to Resort! It excludes SGD 20 Singapore tax, 50,000 Rupiah (SGD 5.45) and SGD 20 Saturday surcharge. I’ve also upgraded to King Size bedroom for SGD 25 and it was totally worth it. I love the room!

For my readers who do not reside in Singapore, Batam is a small island belonging to Indonesia and it is 45 mins to 1 hr boat ride away from Singapore. Singaporeans largely go to Batam main town for golf, massage, seafood and cheap getaway. But Turi Beach is situated at Nongsa area where the nearest mall is 20 mins drive away and has nothing but beaches and golf courses. It is the perfect place for a short relaxation getaway.

The boat ride from Tanah Merah to Nongsa was a bumpy one but thankfully a short ride of 45 mins.

photo (46)

The top deck seats are terribly uncomfortable! On the return journey, we took the lower deck which was much better.

photo (44)

photo (43)

Can you see the blue sea peeking at the side?

photo (42)

A welcome drink, ginger tea!

Here’s the room and the view! We were supposed to be booked on the Tirta Wing but was given the Riani Wing instead. Apparently Tirta Wing is the newer wing but there are some rooms at Riani Wing which were recently renovated. Thankfully the private setting of the room at Riani Wing was perfect! Rooms in Tirta Wing sit in a building with multiple levels but rooms in Riani Wing  sit in a wooden unit which is split into two rooms.

photo (41)

Love the wooden paneling wall and the mirror/glass wall.

photo (40)

photo (37)

Love the high ceiling too!

photo (36)

photo (39)

Really huge bathroom with contemporary yet rustic decor. Nice.

photo (34)

photo (31)

photo (33)

The view is really surprising. We were greeted by this view at the lobby too and it was breathtaking. I feel relaxed just looking at it!

I will blog more when I am back from Langkawi! Three more posts on Turi Beach where I will share on the environment, the food and the overall evaluation! Haha. Sounds like a review report!

Upside Down at Xcape Singapore, Bugis

photo (29)

This was taken before the game.You will notice the board which I picked after the game is very different. Haha. My outfit blended well with the background! Haha.

You will noticed that I am flooding my blog with lots of posts today because I had a fun and exciting weekend! Last weekend, we went to Xcape Singapore with his friends at Bugis. This is the first photo that I am sharing of him, but without his face to protect our privacy. It is not the right time yet and we do not want this blog to affect our personal life. When it is time, I will surely share with you! It is not that I am not proud of him, on the contrary, I am extremely proud of him! Will share about it in another posts!

So back to Xcape Singapore, we picked Upside Down and it was our first time playing 5D Real Room Escape Game! Upside Down is largely related to Harry Potter. We are disappointed that we couldn’t pick a scarier room as it was really popular. For Upside Down, our brainy group of 6 came together in an attempt to complete the puzzle but only managed to complete 90% of the game! Gosh! This game is most suitable for Harry Porter’s fans as you will be shocked by how much trivial information you need to know to solve the puzzles! We are shocked that some of us can rattle on the names of potions and spells! I didn’t read any of the Harry Potter books and only contributed with one eureka moment where I spotted the link.

photo (30)

Will I go back again? Maybe, but it is really expensive! We paid SGD 28 per hour per pax and the next time if we do go back, we would go for the scarier rooms for the thrills and excitements! Haha.

Wedding at The Chambers, The Art House

photo (22)
photo (25)

We just attended Lydia and Keng Moh’s wedding last weekend, and being the first wedding that I’ve attended in 2014, it can easily be the wedding of the year! It is beautiful and the lovely bride put in great effort in personalizing and having many DIYs in her wedding. The best part? Her wedding is in The Chamber Room at The Art House! I’ve never attended a wedding there before and was really looking forward! Here are some pictures for you to feast on! Enjoy!

The Reception

photo (20)

photo (19)

photo (17)

photo (18)

The Program Card

photo (15)

photo (14)

The Chamber

photo (1)

photo (4)

photo (5)

photo (8)

The Dessert Table

photo (3)

The desserts were all baked by Lydia’s talented sister! You can check out her work at Instagram: @peace2cheris!

The Dining Table Setting

photo (2)

The History

I’m like a tourist wandering around while waiting for the wedding to begin!

photo (16)

photo (11)

Spot Senior Lee!

photo (9)

photo (12)

photo (13)

Real Yoga at Toa Payoh

photo (36)

I’m back on track to my twice to thrice sessions a week yoga regime and am glad that they have opened a new branch at Toa Payoh! The environment of this branch is the most comfortable out of their three other branches! I believe they offer free trials for new customers! Just ask! Otherwise, you can PM me for the sales manager, Lydia, who assisted me!

photo (34)

photo (37)

photo (33)

photo (38)

The mirror at the yoga place always seem to make me look really lean. But when I’m at home, I look all flabby again! Perhaps it’s all in the mind. Haha.

photo (35)

Valentine’s at Tree Top Walk

This weekend was awesome! We went for Tree Top Walk on Valentine’s Day, spent our saturday with friends at Escape Singapore and today, went to Lydia’s wedding at Art House.

So, here are the pictures for the Tree Top Walk.

photo (32)

This Valentine’s Day, we both agree to not spend on flowers, chocolates or expensive dinners. Instead, we took leave, hiked from Ang Mo Kio up to Venus Entrance near Thomson area, and hiked up to Tree Top Walk, hiked down and back. Gosh, it took us close to four hours, a burnt shoulder and a whole bunch of happy time. Wee! It’s a weekend and it’s the perfect time for the visit! There aren’t many people except a few tourists and retires and we had the whole place to ourselves!

photo (31)

Don’t this look like the Hobbit Town. Haha.

photo (30)

Pretty red leaves.

photo (29)

Local residents.

photo (28)

photo (27)

photo (26)

I expected it to be higher and more wobbly. But it was perfectly safe even for people who has fear for height.

photo (25)

View from the top!

photo (24)

photo (23)

photo (22)

Red fungus.

All I wanted is some Curly Fries

Source: Here

Ever since Mac Donald’s came out with their Prosperity Meal in celebration of Chinese New Year, I’ve been craving for their curly fries. But I’ve been working hard at work and at Yoga and was resisting the sinful temptation until today. Triggered by two episodes of frustrating incidents at work, (1)unreasonable customer and (2)unreasonable job applicant, all I wanted was some happy food. But lo and behold, Mac Donald stops selling curly fries!

Do you know how depressing that is? They should just include curly fries into their main menu! Sigh.

#1 Unreasonable Customer

To all unreasonable customers out there. Don’t ruin somebody’s morning just because you are a grumpy and angsty shopper. This woman has since reprimanded me three times since we opened and each time, before I can say anything, she started ranting and scolding. After hearing my explanation, she complained more and said it is unacceptable and continued ranting. This morning when I saw her, I intended to greet her good morning with a smile and inform her that the Fresh Dried Cranberries that she has requested a few days back are here. But after I said “Good …”, she started ranting and scolding me. Gosh!

Here are some insider tips if you have feedbacks.

Rule #1. Be nice. Usually the nice customers are the ones we make exceptions for, smile and wish them all the happiness and luck. The nasty ones, yes they do get their way this time round, but we will record it down and remember their face. The next time if they have similar request, it won’t be granted that easily.

Rule #2. Don’t kill the messenger. Most of the time, it is not the fault of the person or manager. Get your point across and we will do our best to assist.

#2 Unreasonable Job Applicant

This applicant was interviewed by me and has accepted the job offer. Thereafter, because he is a foreigner, we had to send him for medical checkup and applied for his work permit with Ministry of Manpower (MOM). After he went through the medical checkup and got his work permit, he changed his mind and got another job. He called me and ranted about the inefficiency of our HR department in canceling his work permit and how the HR personnel is rude to him. Hello? We don’t owe you anything. I told him calmly that first, he already wasted our time and resources for all the interviews, medical checkup and Work Permit application. Can’t he wait for a few days for MOM to cancel his work permit? Second, if he spoke to the HR personnel the way he just spoke to me, no wonder the HR personnel got frustrated at him. Third, the HR personnel do not report to me. I can pass his comment to the HR manager but please stop shouting and ranting in the phone, there is nothing I can do to further assist him. Someone please knock some sense into these job applicants!


Thankfully, I still love my job and went for a calming session of Hot Stretch Yoga. Ommmmm.

Date Night at Coastal Settlement

photo (21)

The Coastal Settlement
200, Netheravon Road, Singapore 508529.
Tel: 6475 0200 (Closed on Mondays)

It’s been a long time since we went out for a date night and since we have access to the car, we decided to pop by The Coastal Settlement at Changi!

photo (20)

Their food isn’t exactly cheap but a little treat once in a while isn’t that bad an idea ya?

photo (19)

Mussel and Clam Pot, wasn’t too bad but the ones Brussels Sprouts are much better. We ate a few mussels and clams which are sandy. Yikes.

photo (18)

Wagyu Beef and Mushroom Thin Crust Pizza. This is yummy and the wagyu beef and mushroom are really juicy and tender.

photo (15)

Lamb Stew. The lamb chucks and potato in the stew are good but the lamb which are in big cuts are not as good. It should be in the stew much longer for the flavour to sink in.

photo (17)

We didn’t finish the Lamb stew and asked for takeaway. Look at the pretty little brown bag they packed for us.

photo (16)

The food wasn’t fantastic but the vintage decors are my favourite!

photo (13)

Cheese Galore Room at Jasons The Gourmet Grocer

photo (9)

Was out and about at Ion Orchard and spotted Jasons The Gourmet Grocer, I should have visited this store way earlier given the industry that I work in but didn’t had a chance till this weekend. The store is beautiful but lacking of customers which is a pity. The store is more like a museum / showcase for visits instead of actual buying.

photo (8)

I thoroughly enjoyed their Cheese Galore Room. It is nice that customers get to try the various cut cheeses at ease without tolerating the eagle eyes of the staffs. I especially love their smoked cheeses and enjoyed tasting various types of cheeses in the room! Yums.

photo (10)

Dannii Minogue for Holster

photo (12)

I’ve been lusting for Holster Dannii Minogue Rockstar for the longest time since I saw it a while back! But I had no reason to buy a new pair of expensive sandals when I already own a pair of Saltwater Sandals and a pair of Holster St Tropez Jelly Sandals! That is two pairs of sandals which can probably last me a long time.

So with that, I had no reason to buy another pair of sandals until when I realized I need a pair of black and gold sandals for Cat’s beach wedding at Langkawi later this month! I’m going to match it with black and gold accessories and surely Holster Dannii Minogue Rockstar will be perfect for the event!

But I am reluctant to drag myself back to Not Too Big at The Forum for the sandals and am glad Pupsik Studio carries a wide range of Holster Sandals and offers free delivery for purchases above SGD 30! So yay! I got my sandals without leaving home at a discount too, bought them at SGD 79.90 which is reduced from SGD 89.90!

photo (11)

Please excuse my ugly toes. Haha.

Lunar New Year

Happy Lunar New Year! I finally got my life back and I can’t wait to go back to my Yoga routine and get fit again. My jiggly arms are mocking me right in my face whenever I see myself in the mirror. Grrr.

photo (6)

Don’t ask me why my brother’s hair is the way it is. I have no idea why either. Haha.

photo (7)

Day 1 of visiting. I love my printed shift dress and those nails! I discovered Nail wrap stickers all thanks to my cool mum! This is an ingenious invention! No more late night nails painting, falling asleep with my hands apart and still ended up with messed up looking nails with strange alien invaded lines! It took me 20 minutes to get all my 10 fingers done on my first try! Also, no more boring but sexy red finger nails or expensive painted nails at nail bars!  I went on to take a look at Qoo 10 and spent more than SGD 50 on these nail wraps! Will share will I received them!

photo (5)

My first Melissa Heels! Gosh, aren’t they pretty but rawr, they are not for walking. Haha. I am so not used to 4 inch heels and thankfully, house visiting requires little walking. But they look so pretty and perfect for photo taking! Other than the height, it is actually very comfortable. No blisters or abrasion at all!

photo (4)

Day 2! Another printed dress with my new phone casing. Hoot!

photo (3)
Day 3! Matched these pretty bracelet I got online from Bits of Love. Like that it is delicate and yet the gold and leather made it all so rustic and vintage. Just my style.