All I wanted is some Curly Fries

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Ever since Mac Donald’s came out with their Prosperity Meal in celebration of Chinese New Year, I’ve been craving for their curly fries. But I’ve been working hard at work and at Yoga and was resisting the sinful temptation until today. Triggered by two episodes of frustrating incidents at work, (1)unreasonable customer and (2)unreasonable job applicant, all I wanted was some happy food. But lo and behold, Mac Donald stops selling curly fries!

Do you know how depressing that is? They should just include curly fries into their main menu! Sigh.

#1 Unreasonable Customer

To all unreasonable customers out there. Don’t ruin somebody’s morning just because you are a grumpy and angsty shopper. This woman has since reprimanded me three times since we opened and each time, before I can say anything, she started ranting and scolding. After hearing my explanation, she complained more and said it is unacceptable and continued ranting. This morning when I saw her, I intended to greet her good morning with a smile and inform her that the Fresh Dried Cranberries that she has requested a few days back are here. But after I said “Good …”, she started ranting and scolding me. Gosh!

Here are some insider tips if you have feedbacks.

Rule #1. Be nice. Usually the nice customers are the ones we make exceptions for, smile and wish them all the happiness and luck. The nasty ones, yes they do get their way this time round, but we will record it down and remember their face. The next time if they have similar request, it won’t be granted that easily.

Rule #2. Don’t kill the messenger. Most of the time, it is not the fault of the person or manager. Get your point across and we will do our best to assist.

#2 Unreasonable Job Applicant

This applicant was interviewed by me and has accepted the job offer. Thereafter, because he is a foreigner, we had to send him for medical checkup and applied for his work permit with Ministry of Manpower (MOM). After he went through the medical checkup and got his work permit, he changed his mind and got another job. He called me and ranted about the inefficiency of our HR department in canceling his work permit and how the HR personnel is rude to him. Hello? We don’t owe you anything. I told him calmly that first, he already wasted our time and resources for all the interviews, medical checkup and Work Permit application. Can’t he wait for a few days for MOM to cancel his work permit? Second, if he spoke to the HR personnel the way he just spoke to me, no wonder the HR personnel got frustrated at him. Third, the HR personnel do not report to me. I can pass his comment to the HR manager but please stop shouting and ranting in the phone, there is nothing I can do to further assist him. Someone please knock some sense into these job applicants!


Thankfully, I still love my job and went for a calming session of Hot Stretch Yoga. Ommmmm.

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A lady with many random thoughts and braving this whimsical world with a simple faith. In love with all things vintage and pieces with a story to tell. Loves blogging, enjoys Yoga and has an urgent need to travel to maintain sanity.

2 responses to “All I wanted is some Curly Fries”

  1. Jones' Little Corner says :

    we share the same tragedy! hahaha …. i also wanted to eat the curly fries (for the1st time for this period), and only to find out they are no longer available….sighhh

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