Upside Down at Xcape Singapore, Bugis

photo (29)

This was taken before the game.You will notice the board which I picked after the game is very different. Haha. My outfit blended well with the background! Haha.

You will noticed that I am flooding my blog with lots of posts today because I had a fun and exciting weekend! Last weekend, we went to Xcape Singapore with his friends at Bugis. This is the first photo that I am sharing of him, but without his face to protect our privacy. It is not the right time yet and we do not want this blog to affect our personal life. When it is time, I will surely share with you! It is not that I am not proud of him, on the contrary, I am extremely proud of him! Will share about it in another posts!

So back to Xcape Singapore, we picked Upside Down and it was our first time playing 5D Real Room Escape Game! Upside Down is largely related to Harry Potter. We are disappointed that we couldn’t pick a scarier room as it was really popular. For Upside Down, our brainy group of 6 came together in an attempt to complete the puzzle but only managed to complete 90% of the game! Gosh! This game is most suitable for Harry Porter’s fans as you will be shocked by how much trivial information you need to know to solve the puzzles! We are shocked that some of us can rattle on the names of potions and spells! I didn’t read any of the Harry Potter books and only contributed with one eureka moment where I spotted the link.

photo (30)

Will I go back again? Maybe, but it is really expensive! We paid SGD 28 per hour per pax and the next time if we do go back, we would go for the scarier rooms for the thrills and excitements! Haha.



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4 responses to “Upside Down at Xcape Singapore, Bugis”

  1. caroline says :

    That looks like so much fun!

  2. Sherichu says :

    Sounds interesting but was there any physical activities your team has to do? planning to go there for dept retreat :)

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