Send Ice Cream from The Inspired Chef

Are you running out of ideas to surprise your love ones? You may want to try sending them ice creams! Yes, you heard me, you can order ice cream online and get them to deliver straight to you or your love ones door step! The best of all, it is not the regular ice cream, it is ice cream created by famous local chefs!

26 Apr, 2014 11:49 am

At The Inspired Chef, you can enjoy first-of-its-kind experience of signature ice cream flavours, lovingly handcrafted with local and international quality ingredients, by locally renowned chefs.

26 Apr, 2014 11:49 am

The minimum order is 2 tubs of ice cream and they lovingly throw in a pair of engraved The Inspired Chefs metal spoon and some serviettes. If it is meant for gifts, they can even assist to put up a gift card with your personalized message. Best of all, all you need to do is order online and get them to send over, so even if you are overseas, you can surprise your love ones in Singapore!

26 Apr, 2014 11:49 am

I get to try the ice cream after I sent them over to a family who took care of my needs for 2 weeks plus, and it was really good. Very smooth and the flavours were fragrant and rather unique. Love the raspberry cheesecake creation by Pang, the cheese flavour plus the cheesecake crumble is just perfect. Yums. It is the best gifts for ice cream lovers!

26 Apr, 2014 11:49 am

For my peanut butter lover!

26 Apr, 2014 11:49 am

Oh so smooth!

The only thing that irks me was during the ordering process, as the website do not support Safari browser during payment, I can only order them through my laptop instead of my phone. The payment was via paypal and I had to register myself as a member. Not that I mind as I will most likely order again. You also got to remind them on the delivery window you prefer as it was not indicated in the payment screen. Other than that, the entire process was hassle free. The service was impeccable and the email reply was prompt. After payment, there will be an email confirmation and on the day of delivery, they will also send you a reminder SMS on your delivery window. Read up more at their FAQs page for more details!

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6 responses to “Send Ice Cream from The Inspired Chef”

  1. miss ene says :

    Thanks for this! Just ordered from them as gifts ;)

  2. miss ene says :

    Btw, I did the entire ordering process on my MacBook – no problems! Maybe they’ve upgraded the system.

  3. Lady J says :

    Ooh.. got the rec from Miss Ene! Thanks for sharing this too! I ordered them as gifts and also ordered some to feed the lil one in the belly… hehe… :)

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