“8 reasons why I feel like the Luckiest Girl on Earth”

Here is a post which I have been meaning to write. It is a post all about him and I felt so proud of him while writing this post. No, I am not sharing who he is here but I would like to share on why he is such a great person to love. I often read articles shared on Facebook like “When you know you are dating a gentleman” or “Top 10 things that differentiate a man and a boy” and all.

Here is my very own list of “8 reasons why I feel like the luckiest girl on Earth” and I feel really proud penning this down. Basically, it is a list of things which guys can do (some of the points are very broad and can apply to girls too) if you want your girl to feel like the luckiest girl on earth. HAHA.

“8 reasons why I feel like the luckiest girl on Earth”


  • Because he sacrifices his own comfort for my comfort without a word of complaint

He often picks me up from Yoga even after his own workout session just to ensure that I have my dinner and that I get home safety and comfortably. The yoga studio is usually either in town or in the north and it takes a long time for me to get home. Very often, I will just settle for bread as dinner after the session because of the traveling time. But he will rush his workout session and dinner, just so he can pick me up!

  • Because he spends time with my family, actively talk to my granny and participate in family activities

You know how sometimes you feel that it’s such a chore to talk/spend time to/you’re your relatives and families where they can be longwinded and intrusive? But whenever we visit my family, he will actively talk to my grandma and participate in whatever that is going on. My grandma even told me that he is very easy to love. Haha. Awww.

  • Because he often makes me look good in front of his family

He often initiates to buy food and gifts for his family and when we present the gifts for them, he will often say it is from me! Tell me how not to love this man? But that aside, he still shares my clumsy and forgetful moments with his family just to tease and laugh at me. So perhaps, he doesn’t exactly paint a good picture of me in front of his family. Haha.

  • Because he loves me for who I am

He is rather accepting of my clumsy, forgetful, overthinking, emo and messy nature. Instead of nagging me, he chooses to advise, laugh, poke and tease me. This man accepts whatever I am and is amused most of the time.

  • Because he makes me a better person

Sometimes he is my better half (the other time, I am!) where he teaches me to take care of my health, drink more water and exercise more. His love for his family and sacrificial love even for his extended family makes me want to be a better person like he is too. Whenever his family asked him to pick up his aunt from the dialysis centre even on a Saturday night where it can be disruptive to his social plans, he has no complaints. He never once needed to be asked to send or pick up his family members when they go on a holiday.  He is also a kind person. Do you know of anyone who picks up snails on the road and put them to the grass patch just so it won’t be crushed by pedestrians? Perhaps the snails will be screaming silently “Not this WAY!” but he saved their lives. Haha.

  • Because he don’t mind spending extravagant amount on gifts on special occasion but it must be useful and can make me happy

So I will never receive my Chanel 3.55 from him but boy, he got me a Cable Box when I am stuck in a room with four walls and no entertainment, an iPad Air so that we can watch movies on budget flight to holidays and now, he is going to sponsor half of the tour package for the upcoming New Zealand trip for my birthday! But at this rate of spending, we will never be rich. Boo. Haha.

  • Because he is my cheerleader and motivator in life

Sometimes he inevitably stresses me when he asks me when I’m going yoga, not because he wants to stress me but just because he needs to make arrangement to pick me up.  This ensures that I go for my yoga lessons at least three times a week. After each session, without fail, he will say good job and I felt like a shining star thereafter!

  • Because I can learn new things from him

He has the most amazing knowledge on cooking and animals which was accumulated from the years of watching food channels and Nat Geo/ Animal Planet.  He has so many fun facts about animals that I’ve never heard before. At times, I will doubt him of the theory though. Haha.

So what are some things your other halves do that makes you feel like the luckiest person? Do share and add to the list!

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5 responses to ““8 reasons why I feel like the Luckiest Girl on Earth””

  1. Lady J says :

    Awww.. am happy for you babe!!! :)

  2. YuHui says :

    Sounds like an amazing person :) very happy for you girl! :)

  3. somethingboutrenes says :

    Thank you babe girl! :)

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