Rainbow Village, Tai Chung, Taiwan

My second favourite place would be Rainbow Village (彩虹眷村) in Tai Chung. This place was added last minute into our itinerary as we had sometime for a quick tour and photo taking.



The bright cheerful colours in this Rainbow Village cheered everyone there who visited the site.

In the 1950s, Rainbow village was built for nationalist soldiers, where it later becomes a residential area. Previously, the Government of Taiwan intended to pull down this village for redevelopment, but because of Rainbow Grandpa (彩虹爺爺)’s drawing, the government decided to save this village. His drawing became famous after people petition to preserve it. Rainbow Grandpa still resides in this village and without any formal training in Art, he painted every walls, doors, grounds, rocks and more! His imagination and creativity is amazing! Till date, he continues to paint even in his late 80s and volunteers assisted him by printing his work on post cards and accessories to fund his interest.

Here are the pictures!



No stone left alone! Haha.







This is the entrance to Rainbow Grandpa’s House!





We were also very lucky to be able to meet Rainbow Grandpa himself who is nice to allow us to take a picture with him. When I absentmindedly left the postcard on the table, he even reminded me to take it! Haha.


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