Guide to Surviving Night Safari, Singapore

Last year during my birthday, I celebrated at the Singapore Zoo and River Safari with free admission for birthday girl! This year, we celebrated his birthday at the Night Safari! I realized that many of my friends do not know of this awesome promotion when I shared some pictures online! So here’s any shout out! For all Singaporean and Permanent Resident of Singapore, on your actual birthday, you will be entitled to free admission to all 4 major parks; Singapore Zoo, River Safari, Night Safari and Jurong Bird Park! If you have the strength and stamina, you can visit all of them in one day for Free! Haha. You can read more in my old post here.

In this post, because I have insider information (birthday boy used to work in Night Safari during his school days), I’m going to share a simple and insider guide to survive the Night Safari while it is still fresh in my head! We went on a Wednesday night and even though it is a weekday and non school holiday, it is crowded with throngs of tourists and tourists who came via tour group! If you choose to visit on a Friday or Weekend evening, there are additional Tiger / Lion feeding show which we missed out on. But nevertheless, it will be a great guide to share over here! Our trip was seamless and we went through the entire park smoothly without any frustration! Night safari is definitely recommended to visitors who want family friendly night activities!

So here goes!

(1) Aim to reach the park around 7 – 7.15pm
On a less busy day compared to weekends, this will give you ample of time to grab your tickets and go for the first animal show! On a weekend evening, you may want to reach even earlier to beat the crowd! The park opens at 7.30pm but the ticketing booth opens at 5.30pm!

(2) Go straight for the 7.30pm Animal Show


If you happen to reach earlier, you will then grab a good seat at the animal show! We got there at around 7.30pm and all that is left are front row seats which is fine by us! What’s not to like when you get great view of the animals and for kids, you get a better chance to be picked to go on stage!

(3) Immediately exit the park and go back to the entrance near ticketing counters to watch the Thumbuakar Performance at 8pm



Not sure why, our performance was only a quick 10 minutes show. Perhaps only on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, will they show the full performance. Do remember to keep your tickets as you need them to enter the park after the show!

(4) Go for the walking trails


Ok, it is at this point where people gets all frustrated. Usually most people will go for their tram ride first and the queue to the ride is really long! That’s because most of the tour groups will only go for the animal show followed by the tram ride, and that can be really frustrating for the rest of the free and easy visitors! So my advice is, go for the walking trails where it is extremely peaceful (at some point it is so dark it can be creepy) and get up close and personal with those nocturnal animals! My favourite would be the newly added Wallaby Trail where we get to get really close to the Wallabies! To walk the entire walking trail, it will take about an hour or two, depending on your pace!

Fishing cat!



The romantic and breathtaking night view you will get while walking the trail.

(5) Take the tram!


After you have completed the entire walking trail, it will bring you back to the entrance plaza and here’s when you can relax and rest your feet on the tram! During the tram ride, you get to see some animals which are off limits to visitors who are walking the trail!


(6) Complete your night with some sweet treats!

photo11 (1)

We had to reward ourselves with some ice creams at Ben & Jerry’s as the birthday boy gets a 10% discount and after surviving through the walk and heat, we had to enjoy some ice cold sweet treats!



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