Self Planned 9 Days 8 Nights Taiwan Family Tour Itinerary

I’ve got one reader who stumbled upon my blog and am asking about my Taiwan trip which I planned for the family! It will take me a long while before I share on all the sights and places we have visited so I’ve decided to share the itinerary and details of our trip over here! It includes all the costing, hotels, tour guide driver and flight details. Yes, I know it looks like an official and professional itinerary, I am just in love and crazy about planning our holiday! Haha. It is probably good to share them here and for my own future reference as well!

Let me know if you choose to download the document and find it useful! If there are any interesting sights which I missed out during this trip, do share as well! I may go back to Taiwan next year or the year after!

Download my Self Planned Itinerary here -> Taiwan Trip 10 – 18 May

I got feedback that some of you is unable to download the excel file of the Taiwan Itinerary. Here is the PDF version. Hopefully you are able to download. Otherwise, you can send me an email to request for it. :)

Download my Self Planned Itinerary in PDF version here -> Taiwan Trip 10 – 18 May (1)

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13 responses to “Self Planned 9 Days 8 Nights Taiwan Family Tour Itinerary”

  1. gohgarry says :

    Thanks for sharing your Taiwan itinerary. It’s very comprehensive and very pro indeed :)

  2. Adrian Lye says :

    Hi, your itinerary is very detailed. Thanks for all the costing info. I’m planning on a trip this Nov. and intend to engage the same cabbie as you did. I couldn’t find much info about him online. How would you rate him overall? Thank you.

    • somethingboutrenes says :

      He is very friendly and loves to take photos. He often volunteers to help to take photos for us ! He is not very chatty but still friendly! He even offers wifi in his car! He got to book him in advance, he’s quite popular. He planned the route, itinerary and booked the hotel for us. You just give him the location you wants to visit and he will recommend. He also plan and recommend food places.

      • Lye Hun Loong says :

        Thank you for your quick reply. I’ll contact him and make the arrangement. Nothing is more reassuring then to get first hand feedback. Thanks again.


  3. Elize says :

    Hi There,

    Can u forward the itineary to me? Bcos i got some error download the file.
    million thanks….

    BR Elize

  4. june foo says :

    hi pls send me your taiwan itinerary to my email cos i can’t download too. Thanks v much. June

  5. sflow00 says :


    I also engaged Xiao xi for my hualien 2D1N tour and really enjoyed my trip.
    Here is my taiwan traveling blog:

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