Affordable Yoga Accessories from Fuzzy Flex

Loving this henna design yoga mat bag from Fuzzy Flex!

Do you have trouble finding an affordable entry level Yoga mat and yoga accessories? I love Manduka’s yoga mat and our studio uses their pro series mat but gosh, they ranges between SGD 100 – 150! Because of the outdoor yoga event, I had to hunt for a yoga mat of decent quality. I used to own cheap yoga mat sold in Watson for SGD 10 during promotion but gosh, they are heavy, stink when you first use it and their grip is non existent. Recently I bought a new mat at Bedok Mall FairPrice Finest store and love that it is light, used eco friendly material and at an affordable rate of SGD 49! The fuzzy flex yoga accessories are designed in Singapore but made in China (are you even surprised? heh) and they offers free delivery in Singapore. If you are looking for an affordable yoga mat at a decent quality, you can probably give them a try! Here are a list of retailers they are sold in or get them direct from their website!


Using their Yoga Mat and Mat towel!


Do I look like a yoga hippee here! Heh.

Note : Yoga accessories featured here are bought and paid for on my own. No monetary rewards were given. All views expressed are purely of SomethingBoutRenes’s own.

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5 responses to “Affordable Yoga Accessories from Fuzzy Flex”

  1. mei says :

    Hi, I found your blog while searching for info on yoga mat. I’m a beginner who has signed up for classes at cc. Is this Fuzzy Flex mat good and durable? Would love to hear your comments. Thanks in advance!

    • somethingboutrenes says :

      Hi Mei

      Yes, for a beginners, their mat is more than enough! I got them for my outdoor practice and they are much better than those sold in Watsons. They are also lightweight and so far it has been serving me well.

      You can go to their website to see which supermarket is carrying them to have a look and feel

  2. nicky says :

    hi dear, am keen to get their yoga mat bag but it looks really huge! also, is the carry strap adjustable? thanks in advance :)

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