Penny University at Katong, Singapore


A few weeks back, we happened to be in the east during one of the weekends to run some errands. It was a crazy day where we get to Simei to buy facial products, Tampines to get a bed from Courts, Ikea to get some containers and delivering the containers to my office in Bedok there after. Decided to take a break after all the rush before visiting my parents in the North West, we stopped by Penny University at Katong for an afternoon snack.






This is me when I’m running errand, bare faced in T-shirt and specs. Heh.

Mid day break at Penny University was an excellent decision! Even though we were both not coffee drinkers, we love their brunch and we love how each dish is not overpriced! Here is a quick review of some of the dishes we ordered! Yums.


Double Poached Eggs on Toast (SGD 6.50). If you love Poached Eggs and Marmite on toast, you will love this!

Citrus Moroccan Chicken (SGD 6.50). This was an interesting dish that surprised us. Love the combination of a savory flavouring e.g Cajun infused with citrus and mandarin oil. The spice and the tang in a salad makes it great combination!


Vanilla Infused Greek Yogurt with Granola (SGD 6) and berries! Even though I can probably prepare this at home, we just can’t resist yogurt with granola and berries.


How can we complete a meal without dessert. We tried resisting their Lemon and Strawberry tart but failed terribly. It was good. How can I say no to lemon tart? Especially one with strawberry chucks in the bottom!

I know the amount of food we ate no longer sound like a snack. Haha. But it was all good. Yums.

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