Fort Goryokaku and Goryokaku Tower, Hokkaido, Japan

//Two weeks back, I shared on an overview of our long awaited Hokkaido/Tokyo trip via Hong Thai Travel and I also shared on some of the places of interest we visited in our Day 2 and Day 3 of the trip. Last week, I’ve also shared on the places of interest we visited in Day 4 of our trip. In this post and more, I will be sharing in details on some of the sites we visited in Day 4 with a lot more pictures! So stay tuned!

After lunch, we went to Fort Goryokaku. It is now converted into a park and declared as a Special Historical Site. It is also home to the Hakodate city museum which we didn’t see. This place is also the favourite spot for cherry blossom viewing and if you are here in spring, you are in luck!

“Goryōkaku was designed in 1855 by Takeda Hisaburō. His plan was based on the work of the French architect Vauban. It is shaped like a five-pointed star. This allowed for greater numbers of gun emplacements on its walls than a traditional Japanese fortress, and reduced the number of blind spots where a cannon could not fire. The fort was built by the Tokugawa shogunate to protect the Tsugaru Strait against a possible invasion by the Russian fleet. Goryōkaku is famous as the site of the last battle of the Boshin War (Goryōkaku no Tatakai). The fighting lasted for a week (June 20–27, 1869).”

– Wikipedia




My favourite was going up Goryokaku Tower where we can see the overall view of the Fort! This is my first time seeing a star shaped fort and it is definitely interesting! There are many star shaped fort around the world (mainly in Europe) and there were pictures shared in the Tower too!



Isn’t the view spectacular! I was really wowed and mesmerized by this view.

At the Tower, there is also a Ice Cream chain – Milkissimo – which is popular in Hokkaido. It can also be found in the airport if I am not wrong. Their ice cream is yummy and the reason why ice cream in Hokkaido is exceptionally good, it’s because they get their milk locally and it is all fresh! No wonder I’m all fat and chubby after the trip. Rawr



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