Overnight Junk Cruise in Halong Bay

The second part of the trip is the highlight of the trip! A junk cruise overnight in Halong Bay, it feels like heaven when just sailing on the junk in the middle of Halong Bay without Wifi. Yes, no internet connection, no TV in the room, just conversations and a breathtaking view.

We started with a small boat sending us to the main junk!



Our room is much better than expected. This Victory Star Cruise by Bai Tho Cruises is one of the more luxurious one in Halong Bay. Our colleagues went on an earlier trip and theirs was terribly warm and old. As we traveled with our CEO, we got upgraded for free. Haha.


This was the view at our balcony. Ahhh. This is life.



We were also blessed with beautiful cloudy and cooling weather! Our colleagues who went a few months before us in May complained that it was so warm that they perspire every where they go. We went in July and it was supposed to be even hotter than in May, but we were lucky that it was a rainy week right before we landed in Hanoi!


The meals are all included as well and it was great!


Vietnamese spring roll! Yummy.

After lunch, we visited Sung Sot Cave. I love caves and this cave has 3 chambers and the last was spectacular! It’s huge and I was awed by it.


Ignoring my oily face as it was not an easy feat walking and climbing the cave, look at the top left hand side where I was pointing, doesn’t it look like a male genital! Haha.


This is the last chamber of the cave and it is really beautiful.

After visiting the caves, we were brought to Dao TiTop Island. There were two options, (1) to go swimming by the beach or (2) to climb up a small hill.

photo (2)

I would suggest to skip the swimming and go straight up the hill. The beach was small, crowded and pathetic! The 99 steps up the hill is worth the climb.

I didn’t have a nice picture of the island, but grab this off someone’s blog here. Beautiful pictures!

PICT1000 (1)

So from the picture above, you can see that the beach is tiny and climbing up the hill to the pavilion up there, will give you this view.


photo (3)

Hundreds and thousands of islands in Halong Bay!


After touring the cave and island, we got back to the cruise, showered and were ready for dinner!


We also saw sunset during dinner. Absolutely stunning.

After dinner there were pretty much nothing to do, so we tried Squid fishing at night. No one caught anything except the staff who caught one during our dinner. It was said to be a windy night where the current is too strong the the visibility of the water not clear enough to caught the squid. It is not exactly fishing, it is more trying to hook the squid!


Thankfully for the staff who caught a squid, we saw one of it! Haha. We also caught a tiny crab which happens to be climbing up a rope.

The next morning after breakfast, we took a quick tour to the Monkey beach on a small boat.



This reminds me of the caving adventure we went on in Phuket! Phuket is way way better, you can read on it over here and here.


You can also choose to rent a canoe to explore the area on your own.


And there, the monkey. As it was drizzling a little, most of the monkey were hiding in the forest.


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