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Greens from the “Sky”

Today, I was privilege to bring our Japanese friends to visit Sky Greens Farm, a vertical urban farming at Lim Chu Kang to learn a little bit more about vertical farming. This is one solution to farm some food for our growing population and definitely a great idea to add some greens in our crowded urban area! Hopefully this simple technology can take off and we can see more greens in our residential estate too!



Almost 4 storeys high!




Hands on experience to harvest the vegetables!


Our familiar Nai Bai!


Look at the amount of greens!


We had a tasting session too!

The BIG way to shop at Warehouse Club, Singapore

With so much news coverage and social media going on about the latest retail format in Singapore, it will be hard to miss the news on Singapore’s first membership-only retail warehouse – Warehouse Club – right next to Joo Koon MRT!

I remember visiting Costco in Sydney and Melbourne during our incentive trips, buying lots of stuffs and envying that they have a place to buy items in bulk which has great savings and random and exciting items! I remember buying big bags of chocolates, a set of Sharpie markers and a big owl soft toy at great prices!

When I visited Warehouse Club today, it really resembles Costco in Australia! There are many bulk-sized groceries and brands which we’ve not seen elsewhere. Also, there are many limited stocks items where it is mainly a hit and run! Items with shorter shelf life going for a steal, limited stocks with great offers!


Cute and colourful Heinz bottled sauces!


Hor Fun Party anyone? Plenty of green chili here!


Any serious chefs out there? Lots of herbs and spices!


1 kg Japanese curry sauce! Wow!


1 kg Korean chili paste!


Anything with mustards!


Everyone loves Nutella!



Hellooooo Panda!



Cheap butter and huge tub of cocoas, in time for festive baking!


This is something I’ve been hunting down for the longest time and I’m surprised the price is similar to the one in New York! Peanut Butter & Co! OMG. *hyperventilating*


50 cents a bottle snapple anyone? What you see is what is left.


In the end, I resisted all temptation and got these for my friends. A friend told me “A moment on the lips. Forever on the hips.” Oh gosh, the harsh reality and especially when you are inching towards the big 30. Yikes.

I wish they had greater and more exciting and impulsive non-food items like Sharpies, cosmetics/health and beauty items and stationaries! Till then, you really should pop by just for fun! A lot of determination to say no to those snacks!

Our Family Basic Military Training Experience at Pulau Tekong

Just yesterday, my family accompanied my little brother to Pulau Tekong where he will transform from a boy to a man! This is what all Sinaporean Son has to experience and they have to give close to 2 years of their life to Army! We had a lot of fun visiting the camp and looking around his bunk! It was a very well organized half day tour and we are all guilty for smiling and laughing too much while my brother was nervous on what’s to come.


My brother just shave his hair and we noticed he got a really round face! HAHA. Here’s us waiting for bus at Pasir Ris Interchange!


Waiting for the ferry at the Jetty.



One of the highlight of the trip is to see their bunk! Everything is exactly like the local movie “Ah Boys to Man”!


We tested the bed and it is actually quite comfortable!


They shared with us on the items in my brother’s goodie bag!


A sneak peak on the obstacle course! Looks fun but they are supposed to complete the course in 6 minutes. OMG.


Their Officer Commander gave a talk on what’s to expect and sworn in the new recruits. The pledge is pretty funny, it started with “I, (Full name & NRIC Number),…” and ended with “WITH MY LIFE” filled with gusto. Haha.


They also asked us to follow their Facebook Page so we can track their progress! Wow! Talk about technology and social media.


We also get to sample the meal! Wasn’t too bad!

Dear Little Brother,

We have great faith that you will do just fine in the BMT given your small light built and love for Nerf! Stay strong and know that we love you lots! Good luck and enjoy the journey, make a lot of friends and make the best out of this experience! See you real soon!

With love,

Your crazy eldest sis

S.E.A Aquarium, Singapore

Ok, so I’ve been playing tourist in my own country for the past few months. First Kusu Island, then Trickeye Museum and now S.E.A Aquarium! There were many fascinating exhibits and most of them were well maintained. The aquarium is also a lot bigger than Underwater World. But I was also disturbed by the poorly maintained and small exhibit for the dolphins. These highly intelligent animals should be swimming freely in the ocean!

Thankfully I got the tickets for free as the tickets are really pricey considering that you can probably finish viewing the aquarium in an hour. But it is a nice place to spend with your little ones. I bet they will surely enjoy themselves in there.


Here are some of my favourites.


Sharks in “Shipwreck”


Pretty yellow seahorses


These jellyfish looks so mysterious.



Electric eels. Don’t you dare provoke them.


Hammerhead sharks!

Trickeye Museum, Singapore

It has been a month since I last blogged (OMG) and I’ve been overwhelmed with work and yoga as the festive draws near. But today, I was homebound with a massive cramp and I thought what better way to clear some backlog while trying to distract myself from the cringing pain. Boo.

A while back, we went to the Trickeye Museum in Sentosa and yes, the novelty of this place has probably worn off especially in the blogosphere but I didn’t expect all of us to enjoy ourselves this much! This place can be completed in under 2 hours and it is suited for people of all ages! An advice, do head there in the early evening, a few hours before closing to avoid the crowd.


Here are some pictures of myself taking silly pictures while I grin like a teen. Heh.


I need to try this for real!


“Look at this stuff
Isn’t it neat?
Wouldn’t you think my collection’s complete?
Wouldn’t you think I’m the girl
The girl who has everything?”






Strong arms. Suck in my tummy yo.