Yang Min Shan: Calla Lily Season and Xiao You Keng

Comparing to 2014 Taiwan trip with my family, there are about 40% places of interest which are repeated compared to this year’s itinerary. Hence, I will not be sharing the places by Day but by some of my favourite places which we didn’t visit last year. If you are keen to find out where we visited last year and this year, just go click here.

During our trip in April 2015, we visited Yang Ming Shan, a dormant volcano, which is in the vicinity of Taipei. Even though we missed the cherry blossom season by a month, we are blessed to be right there in the middle of Calla Lily Season!



Calla Lily season starts from March to May and it is where many Calla Lily farms open up the area to the public at Bamboo Lake (Zhu Zi Hu). The owner of the farms reaps most of their business within these 2 – 3 months, harvesting Calla Lily and collecting entrance fee. There are some farms which open to public and earn by selling the flowers. Visitors can pay NT 100 for X number of Calla Lily handpicked by the visitors. As for the farm we went, we paid NT 150 but the farm do not allow visitor to pick the Calla Lily to ensure there are a lot more for viewing. Out of the NT 150 entrance fee, NT 100 can be used to buy flowers already prepared for sale or for food and drinks. The reason why we picked this farm is because we went during the mid season and because of their strictly no picking rules, they have a lot of lilies left unlike those farm which allow visitors to pick them.

For once, this place looks better than it is here in photos!



Gosh, I look like I’ve got a beer belly in this picture. Heh.



On top of visiting Calla lilies at Yang Ming Shan, we also popped by Xiao You Keng which is a small area where you can smell sulphur and witness hot steam coming out from the ground! It reminded me of Hell Valley in Hokkaido which we visited last year! It stinks really bad.


Brr, it’s extremely cold and windy. Look at my awkward smile. GAH.




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