Sicao Green Tunnel (四草綠色隧道), Tainan

In Tainan, other than feasting oyster after a learning boat trip, and drinking coffee after squeezing through those narrow doors, there are many other places to visit! However, most of the places doesn’t take up a lot of time and thankfully, we got a tour guide driver who can drop up and pick us up at whenever we need!

I enjoyed this short boat ride in Sicao Green Tunnel. It is a romantic ride and a picturesque green tunnel where it is formed by the mangrove tree naturally. Friends who loves photo-taking will love this place! One tip, get in the queue early to get a front row seat to get the best view. Otherwise, get the last row seat, you also get many chance to take beautiful pictures of the trees meeting together forming a tunnel and the reflection on the river. Wow. A simple ride but beautiful ride. Even though I don’t quite remember the names of the 4 types of mangrove tree introduced as it is all in Mandarin.


According to Travel King, here is a short excerpt:-

“Sihcao Green Tunnel in Tainan was once a salt canal. 750 meters long and 20 meters wide, the canal was used to transport salt products from the drying field to the storage back in the days. The rich habitat of the mangrove the canal cuts through is the wetland environment with the most variety of species and plants in Taiwan. It is now organized into a tourism canal for visitors to examine and experience this well reserved wetland.

…The Sihcao Green Tunnel takes you into the canal to examine closely to the plants and the species along the way. The 30 minute raft ride through the well preserved mangrove with greeneries covering the sides and rare species resting randomly in the woods is very relaxing.” – Travel King



The hat is provided for sun fearing people but a fear of head lice prevented me from taking one. Heh.


This boat is called a raft and it has it’s own reason. Because the boat does not have proper seats. We were all sitting on a stool! Haha.



Can you spot little crabs at the side? It’s white and orange!



This is the best picture I took and I had to risk hitting my head on some branches! Haha.

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6 responses to “Sicao Green Tunnel (四草綠色隧道), Tainan”

  1. Just A Simple Guy says :

    love this place. =) Did you try the fried oyster dough next to the temple?

  2. London Caller says :

    Oh this place is so magical. :)
    So lush and verdant.
    Cute hats too! :)

  3. S says :

    Hi, is there a scheduled timing for the boat rides? If yes, are you aware of the timings?

    Or do they take off when they have a certain number of passengers? Thank you!

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