Favourite Spots in Georgetown, Penang Malaysia

Other than exploring Georgetown for Street Art, there are a few interesting spots to have a quick stopover!

I expected Georgetown to be much more bustling, imagining it to be a huge tourist attraction with lots of shops and all like our Joo Chiat in Singapore. But to my dismay, it is really quiet and peaceful with only a few shops spread around the town. This could be a good thing to preserve the heritage there.


Here are my favourite three spots in Georgetown:

(1) Owl Shop and Cat & Dog

There are rows and rows of shophouses in Georgetown, there are some which are worn out and many which are well preserved.

At the most bustling street in Georgetown sits two pretty little shop Owl Shop and Cat & Dog (Leong San Tong Khoo Kongsi along Cannon Street).


And at the Owl Shop, I spotted the Owl chopstick holder I bought in Taiwan! When I was in Taiwan, I only managed to buy 5 instead of the intended 6. I thought it must be fate and destiny to see it again, but the price put me off. It costs RM15 each (approximately SG5.60) and I bought it in Taiwan for only $2! Now, I regret every bit of not buying it! BAH.


Love this brown owl chopstick holder!



At the Cat & Dog Shop, we also spotted these pretty pretty Peranakan theme magnets! These are my favourite buy and I got 4 for myself! Wished I got more for my friends! These are very unique as I couldn’t find them at other place! Apparently the store owner created it themselves and they owned 2 shops on the same street. The other time I saw it is at the Peranakan Mansion which is much more expensive.


They also have these!

(2) Ming Xiang Tai Pastry Shop

No. 133, Jalan Burmah, 10050 George Town , Penang. Malaysia., 10050 George Town, Malaysia






We also stopped over for some yummy pastries and glass bottled herbal drinks! The drinks are savior under this heat.

(3) China House

153, Lebuh Pantai, Georgetown, 10300 Georgetown, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia

My resourceful also research a list of cafes in Penang and we found one which is within the cycling distance for a quick breakfast. In the day, it is a cafe and at night, it’s a bar! There are many cafes in Penang but they are spread all over the town! The cost slightly lower than having Brunch in Singapore but I would say it is cheap. The food and vibe of the place is most likely targeting expats and tourist! But I must say the food is good. It was also a great respite to get out of the heat after cycling!







Their Big Breakfast is good! The handmade beef patty and lamb sausage are simply delightful! Yums!


Their carrot cake is not bad either. Not the best but good. It could be that we had so many days of street food and anything else is great! Haha.


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