Day 1: City Tour in Brisbane & Paradise Country Farm in Gold Coast

I am back from a short 4 days 3 night Brisbane/Gold Coast company retreat and I’ve got plenty of photos to share! It was a trip with great cooling weather and fantastic company!

On the first day after an overnight flight on SQ, we reach Brisbane bright and early and head over for a quick photo opportunity at Kangaroo Point Cliff which overlooks a river and Brisbane cityscape.


That’s me looking tired after a red eye flight.


The weather is great!

After a short city tour on the coach around Brisbane, we head straight to Paradise Country Farm in Gold Coast.


We were given a lunch coupon for 1 serving of either Chicken, Fish or Beef. Thankfully we picked chicken, the safest choice of all.





There are free flow of salads, fruits and carbs on top of 1 serving of main.


The food were mass cooked and there were nothing to rave about.


After our quick lunch, we were excited to visit the animals in the farm but were disappointed that the farm is really small and is mainly targeted to China’s group tour. We were expecting more personalized tours with more engaging activities.



There were a few Koalas on display and I caught one scratching his butt! Heh. I don’t need to go squeeze at the Singapore Zoological Garden to have a peek at the visiting Koalas! Haha.


Caught in the act! Oops.


My favourite section of this farm is the small petting corner of all the baby animals.


Look at this cute little goat! Meeeeeh!


If you ask the keeper, they will let you in to play with the little ones!


I want one of these!


Feeding them with the hays provided.


Look at these cute little Alpacas!




There are only 6 months old and are really just babies!


Being a sucker for Koalas, I had to fulfill my childhood dream of taking a photo with Koalas and holding one! Paid AU$22 for a photo printed. 1 off the bucket list. Went there 30 mins after they started the line and had to wait in the queue with a busload of Chinese tourist. The staff there also assumed that we can’t speak English which probably indicates that their main customers are from tour groups. Bah.


Watched a show where we witnessed a sheepdog guiding the sheep and a quick milking demonstration.



Then a quick feeding session at the Kangaroo enclosure!

After the farm visit, we checked in to our hotel at Grand Chancellor Hotel, Surfer Paradise and had a Chinese dinner before having some time to explore the area. Spotted Chocolateria San Churro and had the best freshly fried Churros! Their dark chocolate dip is the best! I need to have them again when I’m in Perth in July! Heh.




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