Day 2: Sea World, Harbour Town & Surfer Paradise Beachfront Market, Gold Coast

Day 2 in Gold Coast is another day with fantastic weather! We headed off to Sea World all excited to see the Dolphins in action! I’m not sure if it’s because we are adults now and not kids, everything seems smaller! The park is really small and we covered the entire park in a few hours!



First off, the Penguin enclosure and we lucked out having to witness the feeding session!


We also saw the Pelican in close proximity! Their throat pouch is really huge and I have no doubt that a newborn baby can fit right in! Haha.


Ok, stop staring at me, I know I exaggerated a little.


We then headed to see the Seal show! The guy in black is our friendly CFO, a really friendly guy! No, not the one looking weird at the back. Haha.




Off to visit the Polar bears! The polar bears here look really happy and they had a lot of fun swimming, jumping into the water and playing with random objects in the water! Perhaps it’s the weather and no, there are not green like the ones we have here. Just a little brown with all the sun tanning, haha.



They are really cheeky!


We then walked over to the shark aquarium who also live happily along with other fishes.


Now the highlight of the day! The dolphin performance! These are really such graceful and intelligence animals!





And I have no idea what’s the link and why these four Renaissance artists are here at Sea World too! But we had a lot of fun taking pictures with them! Haha. We were the oldest group of children in the queue but hey, we were also probably their earliest fan in the queue! That justify the picture right?

After Sea World, we headed over to their Factory Outlet – Harbour Town Mall – and were really disappointed with the range and brands there. They were mainly Australian brands which were unheard of in Singapore. But if you are in to household stuff, we spotted a few nice stores.



In the end, I only got 2 cheap cardigan at AU$13.90 each and a more muscular calf. Heh.


Look at the evening sky at Surfer Paradise! Wow!


We then head over to the Surfer Paradise Beachfront Market which is on every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday evening between 4 – 8pm. We expected a lot more stores and some ready to eat food stores but we covered the entire market in less than 30 minutes. It is their off peak season in Gold Coast and there were hardly any crowd anywhere during our trip. Which is a blessing in disguise! I miss the weather and the space already!




This is my favourite shop! I managed to speak to the stall owner and chatted with him a little. He is from Peru and each coin pendant on the table ranges from AU$10 to AU$40 depending on the intricacy and the rarity of the coin. I bought a coin from Peru for AU$40 and am in love with it! Apparently, the coin I picked takes approximately 4 hours to craft it!


Some people may frown upon the idea of having their national coin cut up but I guess it is another way to appreciate the design of the coins? After chancing upon this booth, I realized I took greater notice of the designs of each coin! It was previously just a method of payment but now, you can see how each coin varies in design and the appreciate significance of each design.



I requested for a photo with the coin before the cutting just for keepsake. Peru is definitely on my bucket list! I want to see Machu Picchu!


Can you spot our own coins? Gasps!


Some glass maker at the market!





There is even a Macaw enclosure for photo taking at a fee.



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