Day 3: Movie World & Sky Point Observation Deck, Gold Coast

Day 3 saw us transforming into kids, getting excited in Movie World when we see characters popping out for photos! We took a few rides but were disappointed that some of the rides were closed for maintenance. It is a Saturday but their off peak season in the Autumn/Winter months.


The good thing about the park during off peak season is that most queues doesn’t take more than 30 minutes and it was really cooling just walking around the park! And similar to Sea World, it seems that because we’ve got Universal Studio in Singapore and I’ve been to Disneyland in the states and Japan and Universal Studio in US, the Movie World in Gold Coast seems much smaller.


Wanted to take this ride but we were left with slightly more than an hour to catch a photo with Bugs Bunny and have it printed in a complimentary photo (included in our tour package) and have lunch! So we thought we will let our exhilarated heart rest a little after some other rides.



We tricked our friends who were rides unfriendly people into telling them that the Scooby Doo ride is like It’s the Small Small World ride in Disneyland. Hahah.


We also watched some race car performance! It was loud and smokeeey!


Wasn’t too bad for the effects.



I thought Flash was a little chubby here and my guy is definitely leaner and cuter. We didn’t managed to catch Wonder Woman which left us a little disappointed.


“I thought I saw a pussy cat! I did I did I did!”


My favourite! “What’s up, Doc!” Gosh, these are definitely signs of the 80’s kids.


I have no idea what is the duck doing on my head, ask the man behind the lens!




The Bat Man fight against Joker is a little strange, Bat Man doesn’t talk! Weird… He was there waiting for punches and Joker’s taut!


In the end, I got some photos with Bugs Bunny as souvenir and a Wonder Woman Charm at a dollar.


After Movie World, we headed to SkyPoint Observation deck at our own cost which is just around a corner from our hotel. It is a fantastic place to get the best view of Surfer Paradise! We paid AU$22 each and went up at around 4.40pm, a few minutes before sunset! It was the only crowded place we went during our trip as everyone had the same idea to catch the day and night view of Surfer Paradise!


If only the glass panels aren’t there!





These are taken with my Olympic Tough which is probably a rugged camera but the pictures turned out not too bad.


After the viewing, we went to Soul Hotel, the one on the right with blue logo, for dinner!



Ate at Hurricane grill and the food was delicious! It was after all, our last evening in Gold Coast!


Nice ambience and friendly service staffs!


We ordered a seafood platter and a meat platter to share! Yums.


This is one side of the seafood platter.


And here’s the other!



They even insist on helping us wear the bibs!


We then walk around Surfer Paradise and this was the busiest street there.


We didn’t stop eating after that meal and went on to Max Brenner for dessert.


We had a fondue which was average and the chocolate-licious Chocolate Mess! It is a mess of chocolate, fresh cream and ice cream! What can go wrong right?


Before the messing up.


And after. Awww. This is not in Max Brenner Singapore’s menu.

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