Day 1 of Western Australia Road Trip: Perth City

I’m back from the 12 days road trip in Western Australia and I can’t wait to share with you our journey in details and also to document them for future references!


We took Scoot and arrived Perth in the early evening but it is already dark when we reach! The first task upon arrival is to buy the local data SIM card! Optus came strongly recommended by my friend and it seems like many savvy travellers also knew about it.


photo3They were having a promotion which costs only AU$2 a day for 500 MB each day and it was more than enough! I used it constantly for Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Google Map and even use it to create personal hotspot to load work emails in my iPad and we have never exceeded the daily limit! We were in Western Australia for 12 days, and it should have cost us AU$24 but there is another concurrent promotion where you only pay AU$20 for AU$30 credit. With that, we ended up having AU$6 credit left after the trip! What a fantastic deal! After settling our SIM card, we took a cab to Perth City and checked in to Perth Ambassador Hotel on Adelaide Terrace. This hotel was picked for the proximity to our car rental place which we will be picking up the car from in the next morning!


photo5Nothing fantastic as it is just an old stuffy hotel. But it is clean and comfortable.


We walked over to Bayswater Car Rental with our luggage (less than 5 minutes walk) to pick up our car and left our luggage in there before walking over for breakfast! photo7Manhattans on Hay cafe is owned by a Chinese Malaysian couple and they are one of the more affordable breakfast place throughout our trip. By affordable, I am saying according to Australian standard, my simple meal is AU$5 and his is slightly below AU$20.



We then walked over to The Perth Mint to pick up some gold bullion as the gold price was hovering at a 5 year low that morning. I will share more pictures on The Perth Mint in the later post as we went back on our last day for their tour!


We then went back to our car and drive over to Fremantle! The beginning of our adventure!


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3 responses to “Day 1 of Western Australia Road Trip: Perth City”

  1. A Muslim Traveller says :

    What was the price of car rental? I will be visiting Perth by end of September and i am planning to take a car to wander around city?

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