Day 2 of Western Australia, Fremantle, Fishing Harbour and Missy Moos

In the late afternoon, we drove over to Fremantle’s fishing harbour where many will head over for fish and chip and seafood. Instead, we headed over to enjoy a short evening walk to watch the sunset.






We also took a short stroll to Round House and enjoyed the scenery there.


View from the to of Round House.





Thereafter, instead of staying for Fish & Chips, we drove to Missy Moos! We bought a Groupon Deal where 2 burger set costs us only AU$19! I’ve read about Missy Moos and their reviews aren’t too bad.


Even though the place looks really shabby and nondescript, and for any 2 burgers off their menu and a huge butch of fries just for AU$19. It is the cheapest eat out meal we had in Australia and we can’t complain. He picked Higglety, Pigglety which was average, but my Jack & Jill is fantastic!


We got them to serve only 1 serving of fries instead of two, and still couldn’t finish them. Heh.



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