Day 2 of Western Australia, Fremantle, Fremantle Market

A short walk from the Fremantle Prison, we headed over to the Fremantle Market. It is a market selling lots of fresh produce, hot food and some souveniors. This market opens only on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. We went on a Friday and later towards the end of the trip, we headed back after Rottnest Island on a Sunday.




Compared to Singapore and their local supermarket prices, Fremantle Market has one of the cheapest fruits! The above are prices we took on a Friday. We learnt from our second visit to the market that, if you were to come on a Sunday afternoon, their last day of operation of the week, a lot of their fresh produce will be on sale! So if you want to grab good deal, come on a Sunday afternoon for their fresh fruits and vegetables. 



It is a bustling market filled with lots of tourists and locals!


For lunch, we had a panini and soup. Their seafood chowder is yummy, which we slurp it all up before taking photo!


We also had Dosukoi Ramen Ramen which is a popular ramen place and it is rank the top few in Perth. I think our Ippudo is much better but it wasn’t too bad for Asian food standard in Australia.





There is also a cute colourful piano for anyone to play. Neither of us are musically incline and had to give that a miss. Hah. In the end, we didn’t buy anything except a little souvenior for a friend who requested for a Koala.


We then headed over to the Cappuccino Strip where San Churro is at, yummy churros is a must have and we had it towards the end of our trip. We also walked over to Common Ground on 82 High Street, Fremantle. They sell locally designed and produce crafts and decorative items, and I’ve been following their Instagram for a while and had been eyeing on a few goodies from them.


In the end, I got the following items for my future imaginary home. Bought the wooden bunting banner during the first visit and the print art in the second visit. It ain’t cheap though, the wooden bunting costs AU$15 each while the art print costs AU$25. But other than food in Australia, they aren’t many things to buy and bring home! So I thought I should splurge a little on some pieces I like. Haha.


I love the wooden bunting banner and I picked out “Wild & Free” and “Adventure is waiting”, I thought it will look strange if there were only 2 of them and got him to pick one more. He picked “Just be” which incidentally, forms a sentence “Just be Wild and Free, Adventure is waiting”. How nice. The print work “You are Perfect” serves as a daily reminder to self to be confident, even when we wake up feeling lumpy and ugly.

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