Day 3 of Western Australia, Gnomesville

From Fremantle, we woke up bright and early to drive towards Busselton, it is a 3 hours drive from Fremantle to Busselton, but in between, we routed to Gnomesville for a quick stop. We finally left the city and headed towards smaller town and greater nature. The drive to Gnomesville is nothing but scenic and when we arrived, the mystical village of Gnomesville is right there on our left. We were surprised by it instantly as we expected to walk deeper into the forest instead of seeing it right by the side of the road.


Gnomesville is not an official tourist spot, and how it is formed is still a mystery to all. Whoever left the first Gnomes there started an unofficial village for the Gnomes, and people from all over the world started coming and bringing their Gnomes and leaving them here. There are some which was left there by charity organization while many were left from visiting individuals. It is a strange sight really, and I’ve never seen something like that in anywhere of the world. Even though they look really cute in your garden, no one will steal them and bring them home. It is known that it will bring the person bad luck to take them away from their village. When we visited, there were 2 other couples and a family with young children. Definitely an interesting place for a quite stroll and photo taking if you like Gnomes.


There are gnomes of all sizes and some looks really old and creepy but many looks really cute.



P7250569I wonder what is in their agenda.






There are everywhere!



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