Day 3 of Western Australia, Prospect Villa, Busselton

The last post on Day 3 of our trip would be on the place we stayed in. We found Prospect Villa in AirBnB and got to learn that the Villa was built in 1844 and is reported to be one of the oldest house in Busselton. We thought (ok, I thought) it will be cool to stay in really old houses to experience the different types of lodging in Australia and booked the Ensuite room on the ground floor.

P7250653We arrived in the late afternoon, drop our bags and took some pictures then left for the supermarket. Upon coming back from the supermarket, the sky is already dark and we realized that this place seems a little creepy. The old original photos of the original family and how the house looks like back then in black and white photos didn’t help either. The decorations were really fitting of the era back in 1800s and we were initially rather spooked out. The kitchen is at the back of the house and we went there to heat up our food in really dim lights and dark surroundings. During the second round of heating up our food, I left the keys in the room and locked ourselves out in the cold dark house. I know that they have another 2 rooms on the second floor and a small cottage at the back of the house and I went up the creaking stairs to see if there is anyone. Unfortunately, there were only creaking sound and more black and white photos which greeted me. We then headed over to the small cottage and lucked out to find another Vietnamese couple cooking and staying there. The cottage was modernly furnished, spacious and had a kitchen and I would love staying there instead. We then called our AirBnB host – Priscilla – who came to save us within 10 minutes! Really thankful for her. Despite all the drama, we had a very comfortable stay in our room and there were no supernatural activities at all. The room was really cozy and very comfortable too. I would suggest checking in the early afternoon and get yourself oriented before it turns dark. It is great if you book the entire place if you have a huge group of people, otherwise, you can book the cottage which is more modernly furnished. Here is the listing in AirBnB Here are the Pros and Cons of staying at the Ensuite Room at Prospect Villa


  • Central Location, it is at the corner of town and short distance to supermarkets. There are many eating places around and a Petrol station right next door
  • Friendly and helpful host
  • Cozy and comfortable room
  • In room heater available, we stayed during winter and am not sure how is it like in summer, didn’t see any air conditioners though. You can probably check with the host.
  • Perfect for individuals who love old world charm and would like to be transported back in time
  • A common kitchen available for use which is good for heating up food or preparing simple meals.


  • Not for the faint hearts and people with active imagination


We had to close the mirror before sleeping.





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