Day 3 of Western Australia Trip, Cape Naturaliste Lighthouse, Busselton

The last stop on our itinerary is Cape Naturaliste Lighthouse. Do plan your visit according to the lighthouse tour timing. Even though they state that their operating hours is between 9am to 5pm, you can’t access the lighthouse without participating in the tour. This is the same for some of the caves and all of the lighthouses which we visited. The last tour starts at 4.30pm.

As we wanted to visit the Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse in Augusta as well, we bought the 2 lighthouses pass for AU$30 which saves us AU$4 each.



Cape Naturaliste Lighthouse is a short and stumpy lighthouse and it is really adorable. Even though it is short, it is sitting on a high hill. After visiting both Cape Naturaliste and Cape Leeuwin Lighthouses, I thought the guide here is better. Because of the lack of height, the guide gave a more detailed sharing on the history and how the lighthouse operated. It is also perfect for people who didn’t want a long climb and yet learn about the lighthouse. The view from Cape Naturaliste Lighthouse wasn’t too bad, but Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse’s view is far superior.




Below this huge green revolving machine, there is a layer of Mercury which allows the top to stay afloat and turn in ease. A lot of lighthouses eventually went crazy towards retirement and at first, many thought it is because of the job and the isolation in staying at a secluded location away from civilization. But now, they conclude that it is likely that many of them went crazy because of mercury poisoning.


A peep at the huge and thick crystal lens which they imported from the Great Britain then.

P7250607Time to head out for the view!


The lens from outside.



Pretty nice view right?


The light bulb used for this lighthouse is much smaller than the one at Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse. They used the light bulb on the right. Yes, a few of these tiny bulbs are able to light up the lighthouse because of the lens!



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