Day 5 of Western Australia Trip, Voyager Estate Tour, Margaret River


We are not heavy wine drinker and decided to only visit 1 vineyard in Margaret River. We picked Voyager Estate as it is known for their magnificent property and they are one of the few who conducts a wine tour around their estate. We learnt in the tour that the building design was inspired by the wine estate in South Africa and the founder wanted to build a wine estate which is beautiful, with manicured gardens and as an attraction on it’s own.

P7270845They largest flag in Western Australia is found here among the perfectly manicured garden.

We booked the Estate Tour (AU$35) way in advance and only to realize that we are the only 2 people coming for the trip for that day! We love our private tour and our guide was really friendly and gave us a lot of insights to the history of the estate and the wine making process.

P7270821Too bad that it is winter and there are no fruits on the vines, if you were to visit during March, there will be grapes hanging on vines which visitors on the estate tour can get to try!

P7270825If you visit during spring, these arches will be filled with roses and they have a rose garden which is open to public for free visiting!

P7270832Their tasting room is beautifully decorated and we went a little crazy taking photos and posing like The Boss.

P7270835P7270837If you are into wine, you can also sign up for their guided tasting session at AU$25 where you can sit down comfortably tasting and enjoying their wines. This is our beautiful guide from Norway.

P7270846P7270850And that’s our open air bus/truck we took to go around the estate, the perfect way to enjoy the scenery and the cool breeze.

. P7270857

Some views of the estate.



Where are all the juicy berries! We also get to learn the different methods of cultivating the vines.


We got a peek at their warehouse. A pallet for you sir?


We were lucky enough to catch them bottling the wine. As the vineyard in Margaret river are generally small and they only does bottling in certain months of the year, they engaged the services of such mobile bottler which goes around the various vineyards bottling for them in the truck.


We then visited the wines ageing in barrels.



And got a taste straight from the barrel!


There after, we had a private session of wine tasting which is also part of the estate tour!



After the wine tour and tasting, we decided to stay for lunch and the restaurant is equally beautiful.



On weekends, do make reservation as they can get a little crowded. We picked an Entree & Main set (AU$60) and a Main & Dessert set (AU$55) to share!

First the entree, we picked Herb Crusted Venison, Lemon and Truffle Potato Puree, Artichoke Chips and Roasted Tomato and it was great! It is nice that we get to taste various exotic vegetables like artichokes which we rarely see in Asian cooking.


As for the mains, I opted for Black Angus Beef Fillet, Celeriac and Truffle Puree, Wild Mushroom and Roasted Heirloom Carrots, Kipfler (a type of potato). I love my beef and it is juicy and really tasty.


He opted for the healthier main, Pink Snapper, Roasted Sweet Potato, Fennel cream, Snow peas and Orange and Herbs Salad.


Dessert was Hazelnut and White Chocolate Torte, Coffee Essence, Lemon Curt, and Candied Hazel Nut. It was really smooth and I love the fragrant of the hazelnut in this dessert but the white chocolate portion is a little too sweet for me. We then ended this lovely part of our visit with a cup of tea.


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