Day 9 of Western Australia Trip, Orange picking at Chittering Valley

After settling down in Perth City the day before, we headed out to Swan Valley bright and early! Swan Valley is like a mini Margaret River but the view is not as spectacular. It is however popular because it is a short drive from Perth city. We drove pass Swan Valley and headed straight for Chittering Valley first. Chittering Valley is another 15 – 20 minutes drive from Swan Valley.


We research online that Golden Grove Orchard is open for orange picking during the Winter and Spring season! It is the peak period for citrus harvest and while we were there, we picked navel oranges, low acid navel orange and mandarin oranges! There is no admission fee but there is a minimum pick of 5kg and it cost us around AU$20 (I think). Not the cheapest oranges you can find in Perth but the experience more than made up for it. I read online that if you are going in a big group, you can arrange for a tour. But when we were there, we were the only ones requesting for orange picking.

The staff warned us that it can get very muddy and slushy in there because it rained heavily the night before, but we braved ourselves and had a lot of fun.


We were given a map like this to indicate the type of oranges growing in the plantation.




The man at work, aiming at the biggest and juiciest ones while I pose around pretending to be picking oranges. Haha.



So fresh!



This is our pick for the first two types of orange, the Navel orange and the Low Acid Orange.


There are lemons too but we are not allowed to pick them. After completing the picking of the first two types, we need to go back to get a pair of scissors to pick the Mandarin oranges and we lucked out because they just started sorting out the oranges according to its size.



The man working again.


That’s us with the Mandarins wishing all an advance Chinese New Year.



That’s our 4 kg of oranges. In the end, we paid for 5kg for the 4 kg of oranges as there were really way too much oranges to consume in 2 days. On hindsight, we should have plan to visit this place during the beginning of the trip, then we would have enough oranges for the entire trip!


There are also other oranges and handmade jams on sale. We saw a some locals popping in to buy oranges from them.


Way too much oranges.

Will share more on the sights of Swan Valley in a separate post.

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