Day 9 of Western Australia Trip, Shopping at Swan Valley

After visiting Golden Grove Orchard we headed back to Swan Valley to buy some food souveniors for family and friends.

One of our favourite stop is House of Honey which has a wide range of honey for us to try. He loves honey and in the end, he carted a huge carton back.


A tasting booth which lets visitors try all their honey and the different flavours of their infused honey. There is even a tasting note for each honey.



Look how happy he is. In case you are wondering how much their honey is, this is the price for their Jarrad honey. Jarrad honey is one of their most popular honey which is only available in Western Australia. The honey is from their prized Jarrah tree (Eucalyptus marginata) and it has antibacterial and antifungal benefits. Generally speaking, honey is much cheaper in Australia than in Singapore.



They also have other honey which are infused with flavours.



They have other honey and bee themed souveniors as well!



This three bottles are only for his personal consumption. We got a whole lot to bring it back for our staffs.

After honey shopping, we pop by Mondo Nougat to get my sister her Apricot Nougat.



Oops, caught him sneaking around looking for toilet.


Next door is the popular Morish nuts. Mondo nougat and Morish nuts can also be found in Fremantle Market if you don’t want to make the trip down to Swan Valley.



I love Perth, there are essentially no crowd everywhere we go! Haha.


There are the nuts I got for my family, be warned, even though they are very yummy, especially the Jumbo Family Mix (spicy) they don’t come cheap!

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