Day 10 of Western Australia Trip, Lobster Shack and Lake Thetis, Cervantes


Lunch at Cervantes after visiting Pinnacles Desert is at Lobster Shack! When we visit this place, it is filled with Chinese tourist from tour groups and individual tourists on road trip like us too. There is a lobster factory tour as well but we were not impressed with their online reviews for the tour. This is the only more touristy place we visited but no regrets! The food is expensive but the grilled lobster is absolutely yums.




We bought The Ultimate Lobster Lover with Grade E Lobster (their biggest on the menu) at AU$65 and another Ultimate Lobster Lover with Grade B Lobster (their medium size lobster) at AU$43.

P8011539On hindsight, we would have bought two sets with Grade E lobster because the bigger one is so much juicier and sweeter! We didn’t had enough of it! He lovingly sacrificed and let me have most of the Grade E ones! Awwwww. The Seafood Medallion taste a little strange and we are not a fan of it. The set comes with way too much fries too.

P8011537When our food came, we were the only ones who bought the Grade E set and it came in a large plate instead of a metal basket. You can imagine when all the envious eyes staring at us!


Just looking back at the pictures is making me saliva! I want!

P8011541After lunch, we made a quick stop over at Lake Thetis.

“The lake is one of only a few places in the world with living marine stromatolites, or ‘Living fossils’. The microbes that build stromatolites are a species of cyanobacteria and are similar to those found in 3500 , which are the earliest record of life on Earth. The lake’s stromatolites that look like rocky lumps have been dated to about 3370 years old. Stromatolite communities grow as the this layer of bacteria on their surface deposit calcium, cementing sediment into bulbous structures. Blister mats of cyanobacteria can also be found growing on the margins of the lake in the flood zone. These mats are sensitive and easily disturbed.” – Source: Here

P8011542There isn’t much going on at the Lake Thetis but we were there to visit the Stromatolites.


P8011544Look at those strange round rocks growing in the lake!

P8011545They may look like rock but there are actually living organisms, what a strange sight.



P8011546 It sure is windy there!

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