Day 10 of Western Australia Trip, Pinnacles Desert, Cervantes

On the 10th day of our Western Australia road trip, we drove 3 hours out of Perth city to visit the Pinnacles Desert in Cervantes. We have to pay AU$12 per vehicle to enter the area and had a lot of fun just exploring and taking photos there. It is a little like the rock formation in Ye Liu, Taiwan, except that it is a lot bigger, much more spectacular and without the crowd and tourist!

When we were there, there were less than 10 tourists exploring the huge place and we were left on our own to take photos. The only rule in Pinnacles is no climbing on the rock formation for safety reasons.


You can choose to park your car at the parking lot and walk in to explore or to directly drive into the desert area. We choose to drive in as our car is a rental car and we don’t have to do all the washing! Haha. There are little corners that is marked out for visitors to park their vehicle along the route.


That’s the man running back from the car after we forgot our tripod stand.


Look at this! Here are some of the nice photos we took! Thankful for the handy tripod stand.




Display our goofy side. Haha


The phone is in the picture because we are using that as a remote control. Heh


I’ve always wanted to take nice yoga poses picture out in the nature and we jumped at the chance in the Pinnacles.






When it is his turn to take some photos and he didn’t want to be left out taking Yoga inspired poses, he started displaying strange “Kung Fu” poses. What an idiot! Haha.


That’s monkey grabbing boobs pose.


And that’s erm, monkey grabbing you know where.


Finally a decent fun pose!


Pinnacles is also a perfect place to take some emo pictures. Haha


Thank you for trusting me in planning out the itinerary for most of our holidays! Just follow me and I will bring you around the world!


There is also a lookout point to see the Pinnacles from a higher ground.


Can you see the ocean beyond the desert!?


That’s the kind of path if you drive in.

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