Day 12 of Western Australia Trip, Perth Mint Part 1: Exhibition and Gold Pour Tour

I’m on leave today and will be sharing with you on the last attraction that we visited on the last day!

On the 12th day of our Western Australia Trip, after returning our rented vehicle to Baywaters Car Rental, we walked over to the Perth Mint and joined their tour! I am deeply in love with gold and was really looking forward to this tour. I’ve read mostly good reviews on Tripadvisor about the tour except for it’s pricey entrance ticket at AU$19 for adult and it’s no photo policy inside the building. You can only take photos of the building exterior on the outside of the building.



Inside the Perth Mint, there are generally 3 areas of interest, (1) Exhibition and Gold Pour, (2) Gift Shop and (3) Jewelry Shop and Bullion Trading Office. The exhibition and gold pour are only accessible via the guided tour but anyone can pop in to visit the gift shop and the bullion office. I will be sharing on the Exhibition and Gold Pour Tour in this post and the rest in the next post.

Exhibition and Gold Pour Tour

Upon entering the building, there is a counter on the left which sells the tickets for the tour. After payment, you will be tagged and while waiting for the tour to begin, you can start shopping around the gift shop.



The tour begins at the outside of the building where some history on Perth Mint and the gold mining industry in Australia were shared.



We soon realized that our young friendly guide will also be the one demonstrating the gold pour and assisting us with the minting of our customized coins. A fine example of multitasking! Once inside the tour, I didn’t take any photos for fear of getting kicked out of the tour. But for the benefits of my readers, I’ve done some research and got these pictures off other people’s blog or random websites where they have successfully taken some photos! Haha.

Premier_pupils-0Source: The Perth Mint Blog

Upon entering the darkened exhibition, you will be greeted with the world’s largest gold coin, all shimmering and weighing 1 tonne of gold! It revolves enchantingly, seemingly calling out to you in the strangest manner. It is surrounded by presentation screens which share the power of gold over time and how gold is associated with God back in the days of Pharaohs.

After the short presentation, you then walked through a series of exhibitions displaying natural gold nuggets, pure gold bars and minted gold coins along with stories from the old prospectors.


Source: Scott Traveler


Source: Scott Traveler


Source: Scott Traveler

DSC_8483-564x374Source: 12 Fly

You will also get to attempt to lift up a heavy gold bar in a heavily secured room. I merely lifted the bar to less than a centimetre.


Source: 12 Fly

After viewing the exhibition, it is finally the highlight of the tour. A spectacular gold pour demonstration where we see the gold being melted into glowing molten lava-like state, poured into a cast mold, dipped into cooling water and out came a huge shiny bar of gold. This session itself is worth the AU$19 if you’ve never witness a gold pour before.


Source: Scott Traveler


Source: Remote Traveler


Source: 12 Fly

After the gold pour demonstration, we visited the other section of the exhibition where you can weigh yourself and find out how much you are worth according to the day’s gold price if you are made out of solid gold.


This is the only time when you wish you aren’t worth that much. Haha. There after, you can also mint your own souvenir coin for AU$2 just to see how an empty coin is stamped and minted. I also got a plastic capsule for AU$1 just for the fun of it. The quality of the coin minted at Perth Mint is much better compared to those souvenir coins we saw at the various attractions all over Western Australia. This is probably the cheapest souvenir in Perth Mint.



At the end of the tour, visitors can also customized their own souvenir coins in pure silver coin, gold plated coin or even pure gold coin!



If you noticed the wordings on the screen, it says “Australian Trip” at the top of the design, which we thought is a little strange. We changed it to Australia Trip in the end. There are many templates to choose from and you can input any wordings that can fit into the design.



You can also get to witness the engraving action of your own customized coin. Tadah! IMG_9321

In the next post, you will get to see some sneaky pictures I took of the Gift Shop and Jewelry and Bullion Shop.

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